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Craft Time: DIY Hair Accessories

Your outfit is not complete without a cute hairstyle and a suitable hair accessory. Functional, fashionable and decorative, hair accessories are crucial to have a chic hair updo while fighting against the hot weather. The ones we present here are easy to do and can be made in 1 hour or less. For most of them you can use materials that you already have at home or you can provide from the dollar store. Rather than wasting your time sitting on the couch all day, start one of these diys and please share your craftings with us.



diy-hair-accessories01Tutorial: melimelooo

diy-hair-accessories18Tutorial: theletter4

diy-hair-accessories19Tutorial: magicalmonkeybusiness

diy-hair-accessories20Tutorial: thewonderforest

diy-hair-accessories23Tutorial: thegreendandelion

diy-hair-accessories24Tutorial: mywhiteidea

diy-hair-accessories25Tutorial: hellowhimsy

diy-hair-accessories02Tutorial: lovemaegan

diy-hair-accessories03Tutorial: caughtonawhim

diy-hair-accessories04Tutorial: typicalhousecat

diy-hair-accessories05Tutorial: curiousandcatcat

diy-hair-accessories06Tutorial: henryhappened

diy-hair-accessories08Tutorial: towermouse

diy-hair-accessories09Tutorial: lovemaegan

diy-hair-accessories12Tutorial: allthegoodgirlsgotoheaven

diy-hair-accessories15Tutorial: prudentbaby

diy-hair-accessories21Tutorial: lovetogohappythings

diy-hair-accessories16Tutorial: annaevers

diy-hair-accessories14Tutorial: transientexpression

diy-hair-accessories22Tutorial: shabbybeachnest

diy-hair-accessories10Tutorial: studiodiy

diy-hair-accessories11Tutorial: studiodiy

diy-hair-accessories13Tutorial: tutsplus

diy-hair-accessories07Tutorial: welcometoprojectville

diy-hair-accessories17Tutorial: theletter4

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