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Candle Votive Tutorials for DIY Addicts

If you are addicted to DIYs, you should have already known how it feels aching to start a new crafts project but unfortunately having no time. In such cases, small projects, taking almost no time, come to your rescue. They are like little reliving aids after a busy and tiring day. If you think in this way, you will definitely love making your own candle votives. Check the photos below, you will see how easy it is to make beautiful things with no-cost materials such as a piece of doily lace, an antique looking cup or some sticks and twigs. Never wait a second to start the work and enjoy your time!


diy-candle-votives02Tutorial: vitaminihandmade

diy-candle-votives06Tutorial: blissbloomblog

diy-candle-votives03Tutorial: hellohomeshoppe

diy-candle-votives01Tutorial: craftsunleashed

diy-candle-votives04Tutorial: julieannart

diy-candle-votives05Tutorial: getrichordiytryin

diy-candle-votives07Tutorial: tikkido

diy-candle-votives08Tutorial: justasmidgen

diy-candle-votives11Tutorial: henryhappened

diy-candle-votives12Tutorial: frompankawithlove

diy-candle-votives09Tutorial: baysidebride

diy-candle-votives10Tutorial: taradennis

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