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Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY Says Avoid Hiring Your Friend With a Nice Camera For Your Wedding

The average wedding is about $30,000. That’s a large chunk of change for an event that only lasts a day. One of the highest costs of a wedding is getting a professional photographer to take your photos. These photos have to be perfect because they will last a lifetime. With professional photographers being so expensive, you might be tempted to ask your friend who has a nice camera to shoot the wedding. However, that would be a horrible mistake, and it could cause irreparable damage to your new marriage and your friendship. It can also turn a great event into a spectacle that looks more like a horror show. Here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t ask your friend to shoot your wedding. Photography Isn’t Easy The biggest reason you shouldn’t ask your friend to take photos at your wedding is how difficult it is. Photography might seem easy, but it is a very complicated and scientific process. It requires more than just a good camera, and it will require a lot of training before someone can do it well. Even more, your friend might not be versed in the science of taking photographs, and they might also not .....

Simple Ways You Can Last Longer in Bed According to the Experts

Having a healthy sex life with your partner is one of the main pillars of a successful relationship. Many relationships fail when one or both partners feel frustrated by their sex lives and avoid communicating or dealing with such issues. More often than not, the problem is that sex does not last long enough and it often leaves one partner frustrated and unsatisfied. To avoid this problem it is important that one communicates the issue with their partner and follow some of these expert tips that can help prolong the duration of sexual encounters and prevent any frustration. Take Things Slow Sexual encounters are not just about penetration to reach an orgasm. Taking things slow and enjoying the pleasure of some foreplay before penetration can actually make a huge difference and help everyone get to the perfect state of climax with no disappointments. You can also take things slow when thrusting during penetrative sex where waiting and gradually thrusting every few seconds can make all the difference in the world. The key element in taking things slow in a way that would make sex more pleasurable for everyone is through communicating your thoughts and feelings with your partner. This way, .....

Avoiding Debt Relief Scams During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has financially affected Americans of all ages, across many walks of life, in varying degrees. As the U.S. works through various protocols and regulations related to health and safety, people’s pockets feel the effect — from workers who’ve been furloughed/laid off to business owners, landlords and more. A recent survey found 41 percent of Americans anticipate the coronavirus severely impacting their financial well-being in the next half year; 39 percent believe they’ll feel a moderate effect. Furthermore, more than half of respondents (56 percent) are worried about being able to afford food for their families. Nearly half (45 percent) are struggling to stay on top of their rent or mortgage payments. So, many Americans are in a more vulnerable financial state than they were before COVID-19 struck. Unfortunately, not only does this mean many people will be stressing over their bills but also that opportunistic scammers will be on the hunt for new victims in dire financial straits. Here’s some advice on avoiding these debt relief scams during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Beware of Debt Relief Guarantees Debt relief scams boil down to someone promising something that isn’t theirs to promise: They’ll get rid of your debt .....

Karen Snyder Creates Lovely and Warm Places to Live In

Karen Snyder Creates Lovely and Warm Places to Live In

Karen Snyder was formerly an event designer where she created and styled high-end events from themes and tablescapes to decor and favors then she transitted to home blogging and photography. She is interested in everything about home from building and designing new places to furnishing and decorating every room. She aims to create a warm and beautiful space to live in and loves..