7 Hot Fashion Tips For 2022

2020 has changed fashion for all of us. On one side, there has never been more dedication to following trends while on the other, there is a rebellion against trends as a lot of tastemakers are now favoring the personal style. What should we expect from 2022? We do not know if we will return to normal or stay at home for a few more months. But we have a fashion forecast that will shed light on what you will be seeing and shopping everywhere.

This is a digital world and trends are rising faster than ever. Whether it is a tie-dye sweatsuit or quilted accessories, all of us have seen it time and again. When we see trends online, we start to associate them with the notion that they are overdone and the sense of excitement that we once felt soon starts to fade. This is the reason the trend cycle is turning over at a huge rate. One trend is on the rise currently- shopping for sustainable options. We have realized the importance of small businesses and are taking interest in them. As we look ahead to 2022, here are some trends that will become huge in the coming months.

  1. Animal prints

It is a zoo, everywhere. Animal prints are not something new but the trend is ever-evolving and timeless. Next year, we will see less of the leopard and snakeskin and a lot more of the tiger and zebra prints. Keep an eye out for the abstract versions that can create a unique twist on the classic styles. You can easily wear the zebra print with a neutral color palette.

  1. Cowhide

A sister to the zebra print, the cowhide is a winner and goes with anything. It adds a cool girl quotient that makes it ideal for everything right from the apparel to the accessories.

  1. Abstract prints

You will see a lot of eye-catching prints and coloration when it comes to animal prints. It is not coming straight from the safari but is coming right off the runway. Abstract prints will become a huge part of our wardrobes in 2022.

  1. Footwear Frenzy

Having spent a year in slippers and sneakers, are we really ready to get back to the uncomfortable footwear? You can bet that daytime footwear will remain comfortable in the coming year. We will see a lot of emerging trends like loafers, ballet flats, and tech shoes on the ramp. But you can forget the ballet flats you had in the past. They are coming with statement hardware and have updated silhouettes like a square tow. You can wear them with trousers or denim. We will also see color updates and a timeless silhouette in the loafers.

  1. Prints

Making and wearing art is a form of self-expression. This trend will blossom into prints and we will see it across paintings, clothing, and jewelry. The prints will have geometric shapes and patterns driven by art and you can easily integrate them to your wardrobe. There will be a lot of intricacy in the wholesale fashion jewelry you see. It will have a ‘wow’ element as you retire the gold chain you have been wearing since 2018! Alternatively, you can layer it with something that looks even better.

  1. Charm jewelry

You will be getting personal in the coming year when it comes to fashion and jewelry. But personalization is not limited to monogramming. There will be a lot of campy jewelry and local businesses that will cater to your needs. It is an ideal way to show off your style in a striking way. So, whether it is pendant necklaces, charm bracelets, or even charm jewelry, they will become a go-to for everyday style. There will also be a lot of localized buys. We will see motifs everywhere. They will be printed on the sweatshirts, hat or the handbag. It is a great way to show off your interests. No, there will be no monogram necklaces but you can have a motif on your favorite hoodie.

  1. Partywear

You may not have partied for more than a year, but now is the time to shine. Whether you like metallics or feather-trimmed heels, you can take all the risks here. Layering will remain a major part of dressing up and even if you are a minimalist, you can step outside of the comfort zone and opt for voluminous sleeves, feathers and metallics.

There is a new feeling in the air and we are gearing up for a new normal. No matter how you dressed or partied before the pandemic, now is the time to revamp your wardrobe and bring your favorite styles and pieces home. These will remain some of the top trends of 2022 so keep an eye out for them.


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