5 DIY Chandelier Ideas

These easy-to-make chandelier ideas are fun and inexpensive to decorate any room. For more DIY decoration ideas please check our DIY & Crafts category.
#1 Beaded Chandeliers
beads chandlier           via (decorhacks)

chandlier-houseof                    via (myhouseofgiggles)

#2 Candle Chandeliers
candles chandlier 2          via (michellekaufmann)

candles chandlier                            via (nestfullofeggs)

#3 Mason Jar Chandeliers
mason jar chandlier                    via (instructables)

#4 Chemistry Test Tubes Chandeliertest tube chandelier

test tube              via (recyclart)

#5 Clothespin Chandelier
clothespin chandelier
clothespin              via (remodelista)

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