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5 Best Drying Racks

You wash your clothes, towels and bed sheets once a week. Then, you can either choose to dry them electrically or naturally. Hanging laundry out in the sun affects the color intensity of textiles. Even so, some manufacturers recommend natural drying to expand their durability. You can dry them in your home by hanging them on a suitable drying rack.


Using drying racks saves energy, unlike electrical clothes driers. Also, they save more space than stringing lines. You can even avoid having to iron some items by hanging them on a drier. Even though drying takes a few hours more without electrical machines, you can store the drier in a small space you don’t use. Forget those classic one-design drying racks with a few rods. This years has fresh products in store for you.

The Latest and Best Drying Racks for Your Laundry
1. Y-Airer Indoor Folding Clothes Drying Rack

A Y-Airer clothes drying rack fits around two wash loads and has a special section for hanging small sized laundry. It opens in Y-shape and you can hang socks or underwear under the upper wings. For increased efficiency, you can insert hangers on the sides of the rack. Such a heavy duty clothes drying rack is practical for medium and large families, with plenty of children and laundry to wash.

You can find a Y-Airer drying rack available in online stores. An appreciated producer of such racks is Moerman store, Cresnel or Amazon Basics. These products might seem a bit pricey. Yet, customers acknowledge that they last longer than others. The rack folds flat for storage.

2. Steel Foldable Drying Rack
Foldable drying racks are tall and have an accordion design. Steel makes the product waterproof and looks modern anywhere you place it. The clothes dry gently even in the shade, if the room is not chilly. Foldable clothes drying racks are lightweight, so you can easily move them.

Such a product is also mildew resistant and doesn’t develop stains due to heavy usage. You can purchase this drying rack from Honey-Can-Do, Household Essential (in steel and bamboo version) or Storage Maniac. Of course, the rack folds when not in use.

3. Wall-Mounted Drying Rack
Wall mounted drying racks are extremely functional as they save space inside or outside your home. They have a weight capacity of around 20 – 22 pounds (9 – 10 kg). Usually, they have six to eight rods and can be placed on any wall which can cold them.

The accordion design allows you to hang any type of laundry in rooms with limited storage space. Such drying racks are available from Polder Products, Aero and Improvements (in steel and wood version). It’s easy to assemble. Also, customers say it contributes to the overall bathroom design.

4. Foldable Heavy-Duty Clothing Drying Racks System
Families with many children and a lot of laundry to wash will appreciate clothing rack systems. These products can dry any type of clothing and laundry, from jeans to costumes and shoes. These racks have tiers, side wings and a lower section for shoes.

You can place the drying racks in any corner of your room. They are sturdy and durable and laundry pieces have plenty of space between them to dry. Clothing rack systems are ideal for small children clothes which can be hanged on the sides. They are available in ReleaseJoy, Newerlives and Hyfive catalogs.

5. Tripod Clothes Drying Rack
The tripod clothing air dryer is innovative and space-saving. The tripod drying rack has three tall arms which allow you to put clothes on hangers. You can also air-dry shoes at the lower base of the rack. The telescopic products usually have stainless-steel poles and plastic arms and legs.

Dresses can dry in little space without folding. Moreover, you can easily fold it to save storage space. Household Essentials, Home Solution and Whitmore have these highly appreciated clothes drying racks in their catalogues. They are usually less expensive than other such products, although they are extremely practical and versatile.

Drying Up
There are plenty of light or heavy clothes drying racks to choose from. This year’s products already gain recommendations and positive feedback. Customers contribute with detailed reviews on their stability, durability and installing process. Drying racks are extremely convenient for small rooms where any bit of space matters. Storage won’t be an issue as most of the products available now usually fold.

Air drying your clothes protects their materials and saves you money on energy bills. Moreover, you protect their color from those strong sun rays by drying them indoor. Clothes don’t touch the floor and there are no water drops underneath the rack. The drying process usually lasts for a few hours and saves you time for ironing. Also, you purchase these products once every few years, so the investment pays off in usability. Consider the laundry you usually wash and choose the best clothes drying rack for your home!

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