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35 Upcycle Projects for Your Home

Upcycling is converting disposable or discarded items into fresh new things and enjoying this crafty process. It’s possible to make use of anything for decorating and enhancing your home in an inexpensive way. There are tons of ingenious projects to boost your motivation including turning old books into card holders, using old lightbulbs as suncatchers, transforming skateboards into kitchen backsplash tiles. There are also ways you can upcycle home improvement materials. For example, Southern Home Services recommends reusing shingles from a roofing project to reduce waste and decrease the negative impact on the environment. Here we packed 35 upcycle projects and artworks with their step by step instructions which will help you through this entertaining process.


upcycle 21Tutorial: hiconsumption

upcycle 16Tutorial: thisbirdsday

upcycle 23Tutorial: thegildedhare

upcycle 13Tutorial: hiconsumption

upcycle 25Tutorial: secondchancesbysusan

upcycle 27Tutorial: designsponge

upcycle 28Tutorial: mollymoo

upcycle 30Tutorial: findinghomeonline

upcycle 0031

upcycle 32Tutorial: suzyssitcom

upcycle 33Tutorial: hellolidy

upcycle 0001

upcycle 22Tutorial: 1dogwoof

upcycle 02Tutorial: papermusepress

upcycle 03Tutorial: starsforstreetlights

upcycle 05Tutorial: lacasadecrafts

upcycle 07Tutorial: morningcreativity

upcycle 08Tutorial: cremedelacraft

upcycle 09Tutorial: warmhotchocolate

upcycle 11Tutorial: crafts

upcycle 12Tutorial: hiconsumption

upcycle 17Tutorial: taradennis

upcycle 18Tutorial: themayberryhomejournal

upcycle 0014

upcycle 15
Tutorial: rustsunshine

upcycle 10
Tutorial: refabdiaries

upcycle 20
Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

upcycle 34
Tutorial: madebylakshmi

upcycle 06
Tutorial: sweetpeachblog

upcycle 0004

upcycle 004

upcycle 19
Tutorial: thehipsterho

upcycle 29
Tutorial: babble

upcycle 24

upcycle 0026

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