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32 Repurpose Projects for Old Sweaters

17 sweater1

Tutorial: craftsewlovegrow


We deeply enjoy repurposing anything that lays uselessly somewhere at home. It is just like touching them with a magic wand and turning them into amazing new things. Old sweaters make so suitable candidates for such projects and we are sure you have many of them hidden in your wardrobe. So many sweaters waiting to be given a second chance and this is the day for them. Here are what we think some of the best and easiest ideas for repurposing your old sweaters.

11 sweater1Tutorial: farmfreshtherapy

13 sweater1Tutorial: farmfreshtherapy

16 sweater1Tutorial: laviediy

01 sweaterTutorial: svetlanahillkovich

02 sweaterTutorial: drawingsunderthetable

03 sweaterTutorial: mayholicraft

04 sweaterTutorial: leighlaurelstudios

05 sweaterTutorial: mypoppet

07 sweaterTutorial: skonahem

08 sweaterTutorial: gerberadesigns

09 sweaterTutorial: tutsplus

10 sweaterTutorial: alexandrahedin

12 sweaterTutorial: kindredlive

14 sweaterTutorial: gratefulprayerthankfulheart

19 sweaterTutorial: mypoppet

20 sweaterTutorial: themerrythought

21 sweaterTutorial: elementalcarbon

23 sweaterTutorial: cremedelacraft

24 sweaterTutorial: justcraftyenough

25 sweaterTutorial: thingsforboys

26 sweaterTutorial: kittenhood

28 sweaterTutorial: makinghomebase

29 sweaterTutorial: pearlsandscissors

22 sweater1Tutorial: jasminblancboutique

31 sweaterTutorial: whatwillwedotoday

30 sweaterTutorial: petitelefant

27 sweaterTutorial: justcraftyenough

15 sweaterTutorial: thehobbyroomdiaries

06 sweaterTutorial: lonelywalnut

18 sweaterTutorial: mariajustdoit

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