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20 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Lovers

All of us love to travel even though we can’t make it as much as we desire for. Leaving aside all the clichés and food photos, Instagram is a great tool to take us everywhere we want to see around the world. We all know how it works; the smartphone users from the most remote corners of the world upload photos of landscapes and famous places which enables their followers to see there with their point of view. In order to help you discover some of the most popular accounts we composed this article. Hope you like them.


National Geographic – Instagram: natgeo
National Geographic Photo by paulnicklen The Barents Sea near Svalbard, Norway

Michael Mayer – Instagram: _mihi
_mihi Berlin, Germany

Simon Falvo – Instagram: 1step2theleft
1step2theleft Pretty and colorful Tubingen.

JD ANDREWS – Instagram: earthxplorer


Foster Huntington – Instagram: fosterhunting

Dalene & Pete Heck – Instagram: hecktictravels
hecktictravels Cambodian countryside

Jewelszee – Instagram: jewelszee_
jewelszee_ Taronga Zoo, Sydney

John O’Nolan – Instagram: johnonolan

johnonolan Austria, Salzburg

Mike Corey – Instagram: http://instagram.com/kickthegrind
kickthegrind Mount Carleton,Canada

Kirsten Alana – Instagram: kirstenalana
kirstenalana South Africa

Kissmyspatula – Instagram: kissmyspatula

Jodi Ettenberg – Instagram: legalnomads

legalnomads Bangkok at dusk

Murad Osmann – Instagram: muradosmann
Murad Osman art installation by Leandro Erlich in East London

Mustafa Seven – Instagram: mustafaseven
mustafaseven Paris, France

Pauly Vella – Instagram: paulyvella

Ryan Gargiulo – Instagram: pausethemoment

pausethemoment Bratislava, Slovakia

Katja Presnal – Instagram: skimbaco
skimbaco Florence, Italy

Travel With Winter – Instagram: travelwithwinter
travelwithwinter Shanghai, China

Wonderful Places – Instagram: wonderful_places
Wonderful Places Lech Falls, Bavaria, shot by @chris036

Liz Carlson – Instagram: youngadventuress

youngadventuress New Zeland

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