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Why You Should Try Solo Travel More Often

Why You Should Try Solo Travel More Often

Have you ever tried taking a solo adventure to a new place far from home? We know how scary it may sound, but it can be a better experience compared to group travel. Some people fear that they may get lonely, or it may not be safe to take a solo trip, but it depends on how you approach it and where you choose to travel to. We advocate for solo adventures because they are more beneficial than bring your friend along for a trip. Solo travel comes with the following benefits.


Traveling to a country that you barely know empowers you greatly. It gives you a fresh perspective of how you view a lot of things. Solo travel symbolizes independence and wanderlust. When you are alone, you get to make your own plan regarding what you would like to do as well as how to do it without anyone dictating your every move. The experience empowers you to become a better version of yourself.


Why You Should Try Solo Travel More Often

Unlike group travel where there is probably a friend to have your back if things don’t go as planned, solo travel boost your confidence since you have to make all the decisions alone. It calls for extensive research on the destination you plan to visit to avoid some problems during the journey.

By preparing yourself fully for your solo adventure, you get more confidence to face any issues that may arise. You also get exposed to new opportunities that teach you how you can handle different scenarios. Alone, you can figure out what to do in a tough situation to boost your confidence.


By traveling alone, it is upon you to listen to your instincts as you make decisions. You are in control of your next moves without relying on friends to raise their opinions. It allows you to reflect on decisions and as you learn more about yourself. At the end of the trip, you will have discovered more about you.

New friendships
Why You Should Try Solo Travel More Often

Most of us assume that solo travel comes with loneliness. This is not necessarily the case because you can always make more friends from your trip. When you travel as a group, it is hard for you to interact with strangers on a plane, but solo traveling makes this easy. You can build long-lasting relationships from people you meet during your expedition faster than when you are traveling with friends.

If you are not very social, you should take advantage of apps which give you a chance to form connections with people who love exploring the world. As you travel alone, you also get opportunities for interacting with people from different cultures and learn from them. It allows you to meet more locals compared to group travel.


It also gives you the freedom that is hard to find from group travel. You should never have to postpone a trip just because your friend canceled on you the last minute. Solo travel gives you the chance to travel anywhere you desire without being influenced by others.

You can also stick to your budget as you make independent decisions on what to spend on and what not to buy. When traveling as a group, sometimes you have to compromise on what you like for the sake of your friend. Solo travel allows you to choose the activities that you like without thinking about anybody else’s interest. You, therefore, enjoy more when alone than in the company of your friends. It also allows you to change plans easily if you wish to.

It allows you to focus on your destination

When you are traveling with friends, you probably spend the entire journey telling stories as you focus more on them instead of the surroundings. Solo travel helps you notice your surrounding more since your attention is not divided on any person. It allows you to capture beautiful scenes that would have passed you by if you were with friends. You can, therefore, appreciate nature and create vivid memories from a solo adventure.

Solo travel gives financial control

Most group travelers wishing to visit another country contribute an equal amount of money to fund their trip. This may be a good strategy to use when traveling but it does not give you control over finances since you might miss out on some activities that you did not agree on as a group.

Solo travel, on the other hand, puts you in control of your finances. It is upon you to decide how you will spend your money without anyone dictating it. You can use this chance to book a luxurious hotel or attend a free museum according to your finances. Planning for a solo trip is also easy since you don’t need as much money as you would need for a group trip.

It allows you to follow your own rhythm

As you travel alone, you make your own schedule without depending on anyone else. Group travel sometimes can force you to accommodate other people’s schedules. Following a personal rhythm allows you to enjoy the traveling experience better than having to adapt to other people’s plans. You don’t have to indulge in activities that don’t make you happy to please others.

Solo travel opens other traveling opportunities

Once you have gained the courage to travel alone from your first solo trip, it becomes easy to look forward to the next one and plan for it well. You no longer have to wait for any of your friends to be ready to travel with you. You can start researching better destinations for you to enjoy every opportunity you get from solo trips.

Final thoughts
Solo travel brings out unique experiences that you cannot get from traveling as a group. Use this chance to explore more, learn more about yourself and create unforgettable memories. You can enjoy all the benefits of solo travel if you prepare well by getting documentation such as Kenya e-visa and making a good budget to cover all the expenses. Try solo travel today!

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