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Why You Should Travel More

I know that’s a very vague title and that’s because I find that people have an inborn, but vague sense that they should travel more but then don’t ever get round to doing it. Whilst wasting time at work I was laughing at some silly photos, when I was supposed to be filling spread sheets and I stumbled across some motivational travel photos and I pretty much quit on the spot and started travelling and so I wanted to tell you exactly why you should get up and travel more, even if it’s just for a month.

Why You Should Travel More
This is not a picture of me … I’m scared of heights.

This mainly applies to people who travel alone. It’s a very brave thing to just decide to do on your own and the feeling of independence is overwhelming and when you return from your travels you will be different and able to get on with anything life throws at you without having to depend on anyone else.

It Opens Your Mind
When you live out your day-to-day routines with the same colleagues and family, you mind stops growing and accepting new ideas and possibilities. When you travel you meet so many people and learn so many new things about different cultures and religions that you start to think about everyday occurrences in a completely new way. To be a bit grandiose for a minute: it makes you a better human.

Each country you visit will leave a few words and phrases of its language on you. It will rub off onto you and you’ll get immense satisfaction when you can use those languages back home, even if it’s just saying hello.

One of the most important aspects that you gain from travelling is perspective. In the west we only see of other cultures what the media want us to see and it’s normally always bad. When you travel and see these places with your own eyes, you realise the truth and you learn why places are the way they are.

You’ll learn more about yourself and the world from travelling then you ever would in 12 years of school. You’ll learn about world politics and economics; history and geography; sociology and art. It’s the best education you can ever have.

You’ll be living off of the stories of your experiences at dinner parties your entire life (just don’t be one of those people who talk about it all the time). You’ll be entertaining people and breaking the ice for decades. If you ever want to become an author you will have gathered enough material for seven whole trilogies worth of books.

You will become more cultured, and the more people embrace art, the happier they are in their lives. Whether it’s street performers, theatres, new bands, or art festivals, you will experience a wealth of culture that you can never get from watching high-brow documentaries.

I think that’s enough perks for one day.