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Ways to Customize Coupon to Make Your Customers Feel They Are Getting Exclusive Deals

Every customer who shops in your online store is there for a reason. You have to keep in mind that they have picked you over your competitors, so you have to make them feel special. One effective way to make your customers feel exclusive is offering them customized coupons.

The coupons should be tailored to suit the reason for giving it out. Using your site’s statistics and the purchase records of the customer, you can determine how to personalize the coupons to make the customer feel like it’s an exclusive deal.

1. Create Welcome Coupons for First-Timers

When customers first visit your online shop, you can either keep them or lose them. To enjoy the former, you need to entice them with a special welcome offer. But first, encourage them to sign up for a customer account and ask for their name. Then, the system should be automated to reward them with a welcome coupon that is addressed to them once they complete the signing up.

2. Design Welcome Back Coupons for Returning Customers

At this point, you can use the names of the customers since they are already recorded in your system to welcome them back. When customers first shop at your store and you promise coupons upon return, they’ll always come back. However, the coupon doesn’t have to be the same as the first one.

3. Make Special Date Coupons for Loyal Customers

When a special date approaches such as Black Friday, Christmas, or the customer’s birthday, you can create special coupons to appreciate him or her. Since you know them, you can indicate their names on the offers that you give. The offer can be a discount deal or a buy-one-get-one (or BOGO) coupon to encourage the customer to shop before the special date.

4. Generate Monthly Deals for Newsletter Subscribers

At the end of the month, you can motivate your newsletters subscribers to visit your store and make a purchase by issuing them with customized coupons. This is a great strategy for turning them into loyal customers. You can use terms like “Especially for You” or “Just for You” to make the deal look exclusive.

5. Create Customized Coupons for Social Media Fans

Just like the newsletter’s subscribers, the social media followers need to feel important. You can generate special coupons with their names to encourage them to shop on your site. Target those who like your page and those who share your ads the most via the platform.

6. Design Referral Coupons for Online Users
Try to encourage customers to share the links of your site online. Those who find your free coupons and decide to share them via email, WhatsApp or Twitter need to feel exclusive. Offer them Referral Coupons to encourage them to go back to the site to identify more deals to recommend to others.

With these 6 practices, you can easily create customized coupons for your customers. Your goal should be to make the deals appear exclusive in the eyes of your customers. When the customers feel special, you are assured they’ll buy whatever you are promoting.

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