Virgin Gorda Travel Guide

Planning a vacation in Virgin Gorda? You’ve just made a right choice. Have the entire pristine white sand beach all for yourself as you set foot on this relaxing and peaceful island that is part of the British Virgin Islands. It is home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders on Earth namely the huge boulders beach known as the Baths, the Gorda Peak which is the highest point on the islands and the crystal clear bays of the Valley.

If you’re looking for a one of a kind beach getaway, head to this idyllic island. You can stay at one of the beachfront homes in Virgin Gorda which truly offers a relaxing ambiance and astonishing landscapes making you want to stay on the island much longer. A trip to this island will allow you to experience the genuine paradise inclusive of its vast offerings for you to enjoy and experience. This travel guide will help you make the most out of Virgin Gorda’s escape.

Things Not to Miss in Virgin Gorda

• Hitting the Beach
As mentioned, one of the best beaches in the area is can be found at the Baths which features a giant series of boulders, tranquil pools and grottoes which stands out on the area. It is the best spot for snorkeling activity as it takes you to a vibrant world down under together with a variety of marine life and colorful corals. According to the scientists, the majestic boulders were formed due to the volcanic activity million years ago. The Baths and its surrounding areas namely Little Fort, Devil’s Bay, Spring Bay are just some of the protected areas that can be found in the British Virgin Island.

Devil’s Bay National Park is just near the Baths but it can only be reached by a trail. It takes around 15-minute walk passing through the boulders and dry coastal vegetation what in the end will reach the secluded coral-sand beach.

Another attraction that can be found near the Baths is the Spring Bay. It is known as one of the best beaches on the islands which feature pristine white sand beaches, turquoise water and also a perfect spot for snorkeling activity. There’s a neighboring bay near the Spring Bay which is the Trunk Bay which is known for its wide, sandy beach that can only be reached by boat.

Another must-visit attraction in the area is the Savannah Bay that is located north of the yacht harbor. It boasts of a curving beach with neon-blue water.

• Hiking at Gorda Peak National Park
Conquer the highest point in the island which is the Gorda Peak National Park. Trek upstairs inclusive of the crisscross hiking paths along the stretch of Virgin Gorda’s undeveloped land. In order to reach the best point to commence your adventure, drive north of the Valley which takes around 15 minutes. You’ll see a sign pointing to the Gorda Peak National Park and that’s the base of the stairway that leads to the steep uphill.

To reach the Gorda’s summit, it will approximately take 25 to 40 minutes. At the peak, be ready to be mesmerized by the stunning views of the scattered islets of the Virgin Islands’ archipelago. For better viewing, you can climb up the tower at the summit. Along the way, admire the flora and fauna. If you have to have a picnic in the area, tables are scattered along the trails.

• The Copper Mine
It is a designated national park which contains the ruins of the abandoned copper factory that emerged way back in the 19th century.

• Spanish Town
It has an inviting atmosphere and surrounded by shopping centers. It is the second-largest town in all over the British Virgin Islands. A food and fishing festival is being held every March which is known as the Fisherman’s Jamboree. It make it ways to celebrate the island’s main industry followed by tourism.

• The Baths
It situated south of the Spanish Town and just near Devil’s Bay. This majestic huge boulders formations that can be seen in the area is the aftermath of the volcanic eruption. Apart from the boulders, there are networks of tide pools, grottos, caves, and tunnels that are just located on the sea’s edge.

• Little Fort National Park
This 36-acre sanctuary is located on the former site of the Spanish fortress. It offers a challenging hiking across its rocky terrain and lush vegetation.

• Margo’s Jewellery Boutique
It is located in Virgin Gorda’s main strip just near the Spanish Town where you can find enchanting stuff with baubles from India and Turkey.

• Thee Artistic Gallery
Just neat the yacht harbor in Spanish Town rest the Thee Artistic Gallery. It sells wonderful stuff and treasures from the sea such as shells, starfish and coins that were found in the shipwrecks.
Restaurants / Bars

• Sugar Mill
It one of the must-try elegant restaurant in the area which offers Caribbean cuisine with the touch of Asian flavors.

• The Fat Virgin Café
This restaurant can be found near the Biras Creek and has an inviting casual atmosphere. It serves basic menu such as roti and conch fritters.

• Bath & Turtle Pub
One of the best places to drop by if you’re looking for a fun night in the area is the Bath & Turtle pub located at the Yacht Harbour. There live performances from the bands every Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 pm.

Other restaurants that you may try in the area are the following:
• Fat Virgin’s Café – known for its Caribbean Fusion
• Hog Heaven – their house specialty is Barbecue
• Sugar Apple – it serves Caribbean delectable cuisines
• The Rock Café – head to The Rock Café to taste the best Italian/Caribbean cuisines

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