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“Trash to Tresure” 5 DIY Ideas With Old Magazines

If you have been around here long, you know that we are crazy about DIY ideas. This time we wonder what we can do with old magazines and booklets that are thrown away or waiting for recycling and found this roundup of simple, affordable, and fun projects from paper coasters to photo frames. What do we like best with old magazine crafts? They are low-to-no cost! Please post a link to your finished project- what kinds of things have you made from magazines?

#1 Waste Basket
You can decorate your office with this super cute paper basket.
waste basketvia (replayground)

#2 Picture Frame
Maybe the most popular way to upcycle magazine pages is to turn them into beautiful picture frames.magazine frame02

If you have lots of magazines and time why not trying this mirror frame?
magazine frame01         via (ggcaa)

#3 Woven Basket
Another craft making with magazines is turning them into paper baskets, either woven into square baskets or round ones. They are multipurpose pieces which can be used as creative table centerpieces, desktop organizers or homemade gifts.

magazine-basket01                   via (howaboutorange)

#4 Magazine Coasters
With their lovely colors and fonts, making your own drink coaster with old mags is one of the cleverest ideas. Remember that coasters are also versatile gifts which suit for everyone and every occasion.
magazine coaster01                  via (bluealgae)

SONY DSC                  via (planetforward)

#5 Magazine Bags
This fun folded and woven recycled magazine purse will be the most unique piece in your wardrobe. You can choose pages of a specific color or use random pages for a rainbow effect.
magazine bag01

magazine bag                      via (ideasmag)