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Top-11 Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

Top 11 Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

Spring 2018 is just around the corner and the time has come to go shopping. Whether you are browsing your favorite online stores or looking for time to visit a mall, spending without a plan is a mistake. Even if the latest fashion trends may seem somewhat strange to you, you can use them as a foundation for your spring image.

Keeping this information in mind can help you come up with an ideal appearance this spring. Remember, individuality is the key.

1. Wear a Painting
Sounds strange? Miu Miu doesn’t think so. Applying paintings to dresses, pants, and sweaters may become the next greatest hit. You’ll definitely see some trendy girls wearing paintings on their legs. As usual, brands, which aren’t as posh, can downplay this artsy trend a little. So you’ll definitely find something to suit your tastes.

In fact, the famous New York fashion & hair photographer Araman believes that pictures of people in such flashy outfits turn out truly exceptional.

2. Back To The 1990’s with Bike Shorts
Are you old enough to remember the bike shorts trend of the 1990’s? If not, it’s a great way to relive this rather interesting, in the fashion sense, era. Bike shorts are back. So if even if you are not a gym regular, you now have an official chance to take your bike shorts out for a walk.

3. Glow And Shimmer
Whether the disco era coming back from the 1970’s or the designers are tired of colorful mixes, the silvery, shimmery, and glowing wardrobes are here. Now girls have an excellent opportunity to dazzle people with their looks. Literally. Imagine how amazing such glitter shines in the sun.

4. New Jumpsuit Twist
Jumpsuits aren’t going anywhere and poor designers are tired of coming up with new ways to present them. The new word in the jumpsuit world is the flight suit. Did you always want to become a pilot? Today, you can easily look like one and get points for a trendy look.

5. Higher and Higher
How high can the high waist go? Maybe until it turns into a jumpsuit? The high waists are trending. You can’t go wrong here. They are an ideal way to make your legs look longer and keep your belly from hanging out (like the good old low waist jeans do). High waists are great all around. Use them this spring.

6. Red, White, and Blue
What are the most popular colors this spring? You guessed it. Whether you want to use them all in one outfit or make combinations, Calvin Klein and Marni will complement your style. The best part about these colors is that they suit everyone. Just make sure to mix them the right way.

7. Scrunchies
Do you even know what those are? Spring 2018 is full of “back to the” trends. Besides disco from the 70’s and bike shorts from the 90’s, we’ve got scrunchies from the 80’s! New scrunchy collections are springing up like mushrooms.

8. Enjoy Lavender
Besides red, white, and blue, you can take advantage of lavender. This ultra violet shade is bound to be everywhere. Starting from hair color and ending with scrunchies and acrylic nails, you’ll surely have a wide selection.

9. Plaid And Checked Patterns
These patterns never really go out of style. They just change the social circuits. This spring, you can finally wear your favorite red checked pants and look like the most stylish girl on the block. If you find lavender checked pants, you’ll be a star.

10. Tiny Bags
You know that a tiny bag is terribly inconvenient. But it’s trending this spring. So it’s time to go out and buy a teensy-weensy baggie. Keep your giant bags in your car from now on. Hopefully, this one is not here to stay.

11. Fringy Fringe
The last but not the least is fringe. So if you’ve got some old fringy jeans, take them out. Fringe is conquering the wardrobe, from pants to scarfs and bags. So if you see a nice fringy garment, grab it. In fact, grab a couple. They tend to fall apart rather quickly.

12. Sporty Designs
This coming spring designers have prepared a nice surprise for those who look for comfort and functionality. Sporty designs were hit on the Paris runway with racing gear, tracksuits and team logos. So stock up on some sporty clothes and match it your daily outfits.

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