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Tips to Transform Your Living Room with Wall Decals

Living room looking shabby and needing a revamp? Bored of looking at the same walls day in and day out? Just want a change? Want to explore your creative and artistic side? Then here are a few tips on how to liven up your living space by using simple wall decals.

Liven up Your Living Room

Gone are the days where you required expensive refurbishments to make decorative changes to your living room, the new and simplest way to liven up any room is via wall decals. These easy to use, inexpensive and artistic wall borders, cut-outs, murals, stickers etc., help to liven and give a completely new and different look to walls. Made commonly, from vinyl and laminate materials, with a selection of different choices ranging from cutting edge images of modern architecture, contemporary abstracts, favorite Disney or movie characters, flowers, scenic views from all over the world; from Dallas to New York, London to Edinburgh, the list is endless, but the technique is the same. Choose a decal that suits your taste and needs and simply apply it; mess free, hassle free and with ease. It is a simple case of choosing a pattern/image/design and sticking it on your wall! Giving your living room an instant new look, within minutes.

Be Creative

If you want to be more creative, then why not choose a stencil based wall decal? Stencil wall decals are easy to use, enable you to create your own design, create repetitive patterns to your taste, size and color and most importantly, are re-usable! Giving your room an overall fashionable and colorful boost, in an easy to use, versatile and inexpensive way. Simply choose a stencil that suits your taste, glue it to your wall with a washable adhesive, choose the paint you want to use and begin the creativity!

Alternatively, why not seek assistance from an expert such as, Boscolo Interior design services? Saves you the time and hassle, and ensures your living room is transformed to your specific taste.

Tips to Transform Your Living Room with Wall Decals Image Credit: Flickr

Be artistic

Want to revamp your living space but can’t find a pattern or design to suit your taste, or want to explore your creative side? Then do it yourself; create your own stencil! It’s simple, draw a design that appeals to your taste on contact paper, transfer it into stencil form, stick it to your living room wall and let the creativity begin. It is still an inexpensive way of brightening up your living space, as you only require pen, contact paper, paint, paint brushes, and, a creative and imaginative mind, it’s just not as time-saving as the ready-to-use decals.

Alternatively, why not combine your creative and technology skills and create a computerized wall decal. There are numerous websites on ‘how to make decals’, why not explore the numerous Internet self-help cites and choose the options that best suit you. Computerized wall decals are simple to create; using a photo editing software, your chosen design or even a personal photo uploaded to your computer, edited to your preference and simply printed on contact paper then applied to your walls.  Giving it a more personal touch.


Be Different

Bored with following the crowd? Want something different to liven up your living room? Why not create your own wall decals and art by using materials from around the house? This is the most inexpensive, innovative and fulfilling way of brightening up your living space. Making your own wall decals with materials from around the house is not difficult – from perfect paper daisies, intricate felt patterns, stylish silk hangings and extravagant tile mosaics, the list of what you can achieve is endless. But, be careful of the materials you use, research thoroughly before starting. There are numerous websites ranging from self-help cites on simple ‘how to make paper flowers’ to more intricate designs, using arts and crafts materials.

These are just a few ideas to liven up your living room. Explore and research more ideas, be creative, go wherever the creative mind takes you, without doubt, without fear and without guilt, after all, your living room is your domain, your living space, your comfort zone, and as such should be designed to suit your needs and tastes.


John Miller, an experienced writer on topics of home improvement and design, is a regular contributor on various websites and online publications.