Tips for the Perfect Home Workout

Do you need to get fit but can’t make it to the gym? Many people feel that because they live a busy lifestyle, they do not have the time to keep fit. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s possible to get a short, effective workout done in the comfort of your private home. All it takes is a bit of planning and a healthy dose of commitment to achieve your fitness goals.

The Benefits Working Out at Home
You don’t need fancy equipment and specialized workout programs to get a good workout. Sure, having some equipment like a TRX band trainer or some dumbbells will help, but it’s not entirely necessary. You can have an effective, full body workout with just your bodyweight and some persistence. All you need to get started is a space to move in, say six to seven square feet. Get a soft blanket to lay on the floor and protect your body from the bare tiles or flooring.

Working out at home saves a drive to the gym and waiting in line at machines while you cool down and ruin your workouts. Beat the crowds and save time by working out at home first thing in the morning.
Research has shown that working out immediately in the morning has a positive effect on metabolism, elevating it until late in the day. This effect adds up to better levels of focus and energy in the office as well. Your days will be more productive, and you will avoid the afternoon energy crash.

Setting Goals
The first place to start with training at home is to define your goals and set your workouts for the week. Plan a strategy that ends with a goal at the end of six weeks. For instance, write down a goal weight loss target, and a fitness target. Once you have established your physical goals, set your schedule once a week to commit to training. Write down that you will train on three days of the morning per week for twenty-five minutes. Writing down your goals, targets, and schedule will force your subconscious into taking note, making it more likely for you to follow through on your written statement.

Designing your Program
As a beginner to home workouts, you should take three mornings of the week to train. Wake up, brush your teeth and have a glass of water before you start training. Initiate the training week on Monday morning and do the following;

1. Push-ups – Three sets of ten reps.
2. Crunches – Three sets of ten reps.
3. Body weight squats – Three sets of ten reps.
4. Umping jacks – As many as possible in three minutes (set your cell phone as a timer)

The whole workout should take you less than twenty minutes, then its shower and off to work. Keep this workout for Friday morning as well. Use the structure for the first two weeks and then increase the number of exercises and reps according to with what you feel capable of doing with your new found strength.
Wednesdays – Go for a jog, run, or light walk around your block for twenty minutes. This run is your cardio for the week, try to make a progression in pace or distance every week.

Log Your Progress
Keep a logbook of your progress and note every workout. Record your exercises, reps and how you felt during the workout. You may not have a brilliant, record setting workout every day, so log it and try and figure out the reasons for any lack of performance.

Tips for Your Diet
Your diet is also an important part of your progression in fitness and training. Your diet should consist of healthy food choices and limit your intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates. Refined carbs create inflammation in the GI tract, creating negative feelings of well-being in the body and exposing you to disease. And infection.

Make healthy foods choices such as whole grains, sprouts, and fruits. Eat plenty of fatty fish such as salmon, eggs, and saturated oils such as raw, extra-virgin coconut oil. Make healthy fats the largest macro nutrient group you consume, and you will experience good levels of energy throughout the day. Treat yourself every now and again with Snickers protein bars, or another form of healthy treat.

Stay Committed
Your success in fitness and health is up to you. Commit yourself to achieve your goals and do your best to reach them. Stay motivated by reviewing your goals every day and writing them down, staying focused will ensure your success.

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