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Tips for Keeping your Home Pest Free

Nothing is as frustrating as a swarm of mosquitoes at night or cockroaches crawling across your kitchen. To keep your home free of bugs and critters, you need to follow these pest control tips:

Clean your kitchen
A pile of crumbs on your floor or kitchen is just an open invite for all types of pests. You should let them look for food elsewhere – far away from your home – by keeping your kitchen clean and free of crumbs. Sweep your floors, wipe your counters, and put food in tightly sealed containers. You also need to empty your garbage regularly.

Even if you have contemporary sinks with clean lines, you should clean the sink of  food remains and clean your drains with natural products such as vinegar or baking soda.

Block their entry
You should make it hard for pests to get into your home. Do this by checking your screens for holes and repairing any that you find. Are there any open spaces around your windows and doors? If you find any, replace the stripping on your doors and windows.

Get rid of standing water
Tips for Keeping your Home Pest Free

The first step in controlling mosquitoes is getting rid of stagnant water. Still water is an open invitation for mosquitoes to start breeding. It can be easy to miss standing water in your compound, so you have to walk around your compound while checking for it.

>Check inside rain spouts, look for leaks near the air conditioning unit, and pick up any trash that you find lying around in your compound. You also need to check underneath leaves because mosquitoes can breed anywhere.

Maintain your yard
You should keep your yard maintained to prevent grass overgrowth. Pests usually build their nests in overgrown grass and vegetation. If you have an endless mosquito problem and there is no stagnant water in your compound, you should try mowing your lawn.

Trim trees and bushes in your yard, rake away dirt, and get rid of weeds.

Store firewood properly
According to Delsea Termite & Pest Control, a pest control company New Jersey based experts, you may not be aware of termites in your home until they have caused severe damage, reducing floor joists and load-bearing timbers to the equivalent of cardboard.

If you store your firewood poorly, termites will invite themselves into your home. Make sure that you keep it away from your house and shed.

The minimum distance from your home and shed should be at least five feet. Wherever you store the firewood, make sure that you place it on top of racks.

Eat fruits and vegetables
Do not allow veggies and fruits to ripen too much on your counter. Doing so will allow fruit flies to come into your house. Getting rid of these annoying bugs is not easy, so you should keep them away at all costs.

Don’t throw meat away too soon
Tips for Keeping your Home Pest Free

Unless your garbage is being picked up in the next 48 hours, do not put any meat leftovers inside it. The combination of sun and rotting meat will bring pests into your compound frighteningly fast.

Inspect outdoor furniture
You should check the corners and chains of your swings and outdoor furniture for egg sacks and spider webs. When you spot them, remove them immediately.

Don’t bring the outside into your home
You should keep outside toys on the outside and inside toys on the inside. If you must bring a chair, toy, or table from the outside, you should first wipe it down thoroughly.

Use a pest control service
If the above tips do not help, you should hire pest control professionals. Ask them to come to your house and spray it for bugs and rodents that are common in your area of residence.

Pest control services have the expertise to take note of your issues and come up with a personalized plan to keep pests away.

Getting rid of pests once you have them is not easy. Therefore, you should take the necessary measures to make sure that they stay away.