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Tips to consider before building a deck


Building a deck gives you a chance to extend your living room to the outdoors. However, before you start planning to build your deck, you should read the following tips:

Invest in fasteners
Professional deck builders also find ways to save on cost. Some of whom would work with merchant services that charge a flat fee to handle their payment transactions just like with Dharma Merchant Services. They may still pay but they shop and compare because they know the value of entrusting work to the professionals for things that they don’t know about.

If you try to save money by using low-quality screws, you will pay for it later. The screws will corrode and discolor your deck, reducing its life considerably – especially with pressure-treated wood. When a deck becomes unsteady, it is usually because of failing fasteners.

Coated screws or stainless steel ones are made for pressure treated wood and should therefore be used. They resist corrosion, extending the life of your deck by years. Electroplate-galvanized screws are not usually acceptable for building decks.

Although many people do not mind seeing screw heads, you have other options. You should consider concealing your screw heads for a cleaner and simpler appearance. Ask your wood deck builder about the available options before you proceed.

The important point here is to let the professionals do their work because you’ll actually be saving a lot more by paying a little bit for a service than by doing things on your own, which can only not be time-consuming, but can potentially be a very costly repercussion down the line.

Know your decking materials
Homeowners have more choices than ever before when it comes to decking materials. Are you a fan of real wood? Redwood and pressure-treated cedar are great traditional options. However, hardwoods are becoming more common and several alternatives are available: ipe and jarrah.

The longevity of hardwoods makes them ideal for deck building. However, the downside is that they are costlier than other woods. Are you looking for something different?

Synthetic and composite materials are taking the industry by storm. Not only do they require little maintenance, but they also last for decades.

Consider levels
Do you need more room? You should not just build a bigger platform; consider adding levels. They allow your guests to gather in small groups while providing a comfortable environment for relaxation.

Adding a second level not only increases your entertaining and living space, but also breaks up the long, unsightly flights of stairs found on raised decks.

Add beautiful railings
Innovative railings have taken the design of decks to a new level. You can choose vinyl, metal, or glass material for your railing. These alternatives can have a great impact on the aesthetic appeal of your deck.

If railings are not necessary, open the view
Though you would not be able to tell by looking at them, decks that are below a specified height do not require railings. If yours does not need a railing, you should consider incorporating stairs that run the width of its sides. This way, your deck will not feel like a cage.

Play with colors

Many homeowners usually coordinate color schemes in their homes, yet they choose plain brown as a decking color. With the wide selection of stains and decking materials, you should find a color that complements your home’s décor easily.

Picking the right shade means the difference between having a deck that is a natural extension of your home and one that looks like a foreign entity.

Create overhead shade
A pergola can transform your deck into a 3-dimensional outdoor space. Not only will it provide shade, but it also gives you a surface to attach lights, fans, and speakers. Adding a basic pergola to your current deck is not expensive, but it would be easier to build one from the onset.

Add thoughtful details
Adding small touches can turn your deck into an outdoor retreat. Niceties such as planters, lighting, sound systems, and fans can make your deck a desirable destination. When planning your deck, think about the amenities in advance.

Are you building a new deck or redoing your old one? You should consider these tips before you get started. Doing so could save you time and money in the end.

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