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Tips for Choosing the Best Bridesmaids Dresses

Tips for Choosing the Best Bridesmaids Dresses

Once you find your wedding gown, you should start shopping for the right bridesmaid dresses. Regardless of the size of your bridal party or the style of your wedding, you need some guidance when shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Here are some useful tips when shopping:

Start by browsing
You need to start this experience by doing some research. Visit online sites such as Pinterest for some inspiration before you hit any actual shops. You can also flip through magazines with your friends to find the best colors and styles for the dresses.

If you are using magazines for inspiration, tear out the pertinent pages and stick them to your inspiration board to avoid failed memory recall. However, if you are using online images, you can save them to your Pinterest board or print them for your physical board.

Keep the cost in mind

Have any of your friends been in a bridal party before? They should already know that bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, though it does not hurt to remind everyone.

If you are concerned that your wedding will be a financial burden to your bridesmaids, you should make sure that you pick affordable dresses.

However, you should not compromise on style when choosing affordable bridesmaids dresses. Make sure that the dresses meet your high expectations in the style department.

Consider the style of your wedding dress
Tips for Choosing the Best Bridesmaids Dresses

When choosing Azazie bridesmaid dresses, you should consider your wedding dress; after all, you are the star of your wedding. Make sure that you pick a dress that coordinates well with your wedding gown to avoid confusion.

If you opt for a busy dress with lace and beading, the bridal party dresses should be less busy.

To ensure that the fabrics coordinate, you should compare some swatches before deciding. Do you want your wedding dress to have the same neckline as your bridesmaids’ dresses?

Be mindful of skin tones and dress color
Are there colors that do not go well with your skin? You need to consider the skin tones of your bridal party. Trending colors like champagne and blush do not complement everyone’s skin.

Getting a spray tan is an easy fix if one member of your bridal party feels that a certain dress makes her skin look pale.

Consider body types and dress styles
Not all dress styles look good on all body types. You should keep in mind that A-line dresses flatter all body types. Therefore, if your bridal party consists of women with different body types, this would be the safest choice for everyone.

A mismatched look is another trendy option for different body types. Select one color but let each bridesmaid choose her own style. When going for the mix-and-match look, give the girls a few guidelines so that the dresses do not end up looking vastly different.

Consider the weather
As easy as it is to be wrapped up in one style, you should really consider the weather on your wedding day. That being said, you do not have to pick long dresses for winter weddings and short ones for summer weddings.

If you opt for short dresses in the winter, make sure you include some type of covering: faux fur coat or shawl.

Long dresses can be tolerable in the summer as long as they are made of light material such as light chiffon.

All the above tips will come in handy when choosing dresses for your bridal party. Because you will not be wearing the bridal party dresses, make sure that you include the girls during each step of this process. It will make the shopping experience a lot smoother.