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Things to Consider When Designing Your Exhibition Stand

An exhibition stand needs to stand out and grab people’s attention in order to be successful at a trade show. A first impression is really important when it comes to traffic at your booth. While you may be offering top of the line products or services none of this will be communicated to the crowds if your stand is lackluster. Visual appeal along with a well trained team can make all the different in addition to some other things to consider when designing your exhibition stand.

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Set A Goal For Your Exhibit

There is usually a reason you are participating in a trade show to begin with. Maybe you are looking to promote a newly released product. Maybe you want to increase sales. You may even want to branch out a bit and obtain some new clientele. The goal of you being at the trade show should help you design your exhibition stand. Keep your goal in mind while going through the design process.

Consider Your Audience

It is ideal to tailor your exhibition stand around your audience in order to attract the right kind of attention. You could have the best stand around but if you are not bringing in the right prospects then it really doesn’t matter.

Utilise All The Space You Can

When you sign up for a trade show you are given a certain amount of space to work with. You also usually know the exact location you will be in. It is important to follow any guidelines you have been given by the facility. Many times your exhibit must be within a certain set of parameters. If you do not get a ton of floor space utilize the height of your exhibition stand and work upwards as well. People will be able to see your stand above all the others. This can be done by utilizing:

-An arch that has height

-A central tower located in the center of your display

-A rotating sign can promote your brand from across the room without taking up much of your floor space.

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Additional lighting is always necessary. Lighting should be placed on each poster or informational graphic that is part of the exhibition. Proper lighting is also needed if there is products displayed and so on.

Wording And Text

It is important to not get too wordy when you are creating posters, signs or informational brochures about your brand and your exhibition. The best technique is to use bullets and short descriptions to get your point across. Also fonts should be very simple and readable even from far. All signs within the stand should be high enough that people can see all of the information provided from throughout the area rather than having to be right in front of it in order to read it.


Since you should never get to wordy with your exhibition stand you may want to stick to images which are much easier to understand and they are also much more memorable. A logo is something people will recall later on and should always be a big part of a display.

Some key strategies can really assist you with designing an exhibition stand that will attract a large number of visitors and also deliver results for your product or company. For assistance with other things to consider when designing your exhibition stand you can utilize the services of The Finesse Group. They are experienced and knowledgeable with designing and building all types of exhibition stands and features.



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