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Things to Consider When Selecting a Water Feature

Whether it comes in the form of a gently trickling fountain or as an in-ground pond filled with koi, the addition of a water feature enhances the appearance and ambience of a garden or patio. A water feature can be designed to accommodate formal, semi-formal, modern or traditional architecture; there is a water feature available for nearly every style of home and sized to fit most gardens. Even apartment-dwellers can enjoy the soothing sound of a self-contained fountain placed on a balcony, patio or stationed indoors amid a collection of house plants.



There are four considerations that should be top of mind when choosing a water feature. The first is location; water features should be placed in an area that is clear of tree branches that could clog the internal filter with leaves, seeds or other debris. It should also be readily visible; one way to determine visibility and aesthetics is to place a mirror face up in the location in which the water feature is to be placed. The mirror emulates the reflection of the water. The sound of running water also impacts where to locate the water feature. Most people find the burble of water to be soothing, but a few may prefer not having the sound of running water within hearing distance of the living quarters.

The second is whether or not the area is easily plumbed and serviced with electrical power; most water features contain one or more recirculating pumps in order to keep algae from forming in the reservoirs and to produce the flow in a fountain. Plumbing in place makes filling and emptying a large water feature simple. For many homeowners, the contracting costs to run electrical power to a remote area of the garden may be prohibitive. These homeowners can still enjoy the beauty of a water feature if they choose one that has a pump powered by solar. The solar powered water feature comes either with a solar cell that is separate from the fountain or with a cell that is built into the design. The solar cells are unobtrusive, able to be placed flat and surrounded by mulch. As long as the cell face is exposed to several hours of sunlight, it will gather sufficient energy to power the pump in solar powered water feature. The solar powered water feature would also be an ideal choice for an environmentally-conscious homeowner or in a more rustic setting where the incursion of electrical power lines would be incongruous.


The third point is whether or not the water feature will house plants such as water lilies or fish. In the temperate areas of the UK, a water feature intended for fish can be a little less than one meter deep but in areas where winters are cold, a water feature that contains fish must be deeper than a meter. This allows the fish to remain alive even though the surface of the water may ice over.

The final consideration is the budget; how much is the homeowner willing to spend on the purchase and installation of a water feature? Water features are available as all-in-one units, as a kit or as individual components that need to be gathered and assembled; the choice of which to purchase depends largely on the size and complexity of the water feature the homeowner desires and the total cost of purchase, shipping and installation. Outdoorlivinguk.co.uk carries a variety of water features, including solar-powered water features, to fulfill the wishes and budgets of most householders who desire a vibrant addition to their home or garden.


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