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The most recognizable graffiti murals in the world

Graffiti is a new word in art since the 1980s. It came from Europe and occupied the whole world. Cities have been battling with graffiti artists with regulation and fines. Nowadays, city representatives embrace this form of art and see the power of its beautification.

The beauty of murals is not the only thing that interests the city representatives. Graffiti murals carry their attraction. They deliver a social message, appeal to the eyes and attracts attention. Some countries, cities, and neighborhoods gained their popularity via most recognizable graffiti murals. This article will cover several most well-known murals all over the world. And maybe you can also decide on your preferable mural designs.

My god, help me to survive this deadly love by Dmitri Vrubel

This mural is famous all over the world. It caused great scandal, interest, laughs and disgust. In the 1980s the wall of Berlin became a popular graffiti painting place. Artists expressed their feelings and opinions through their artwork. This mural is one of the most popular graffiti works around the world. Russian artist Dmitri Vrubel painted Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker (leaders of the Soviet Union and East Germany).

Berlin is a city that prides itself with numerous beautiful graffiti murals. Even the streets and houses have some form of art on them.

Flower thrower by Banksy

Banksy contributed to street art popularity. He is well-known for his satirical artwork. His work has traveled all around the world, and practically everyone can recognize it. Banksy painted this particular work in 2003 in Jerusalem, the Middle East. The work describes a young man throwing flowers that are substituting a bomb. This work represents the collision of war and peace in the region that hasn’t seen peace in many years.

Banksy is also famous with Balloon Girl artwork in a shop in Shoreditch, London, England. Banksy’s work is so famous that the fashion industry uses it on every piece of garment product.

Knowledge Speaks — Wisdom Listens by WD

Wild Drawing aka WD is Indonesia based artist. WD’s artwork occupied our minds and streets, and we love it. One of the most popular pieces of art from WD’s collection is a hyperrealistic owl.

The giant of Boston by Os Gemeos

The 2012 year welcomed the giant of Boston and beautified the streets of Boston. A yellow-skinned giant squeezed himself on the wall of the building. That’s how the whole mural looks like. People criticized the artwork and created parallels with the terrorism. But it’s still exceptionally popular and powerful artwork.

Nelson Mandela mural by Shepard Fairey

Fairey paid tribute to Nelson Mandela with this mural named Purple shall govern. The idea came from the events of 1989’s revolution in South Africa. The police sprayed the protestors with purple-dyed water to later identify them and arrest them all. This mural pais tribute to Nelson Mandela’s memory and the 25th anniversary of the purple rain protest.

This list should be enough to get you to start planning your next trip to one of these places. There are many more that capture our eyes and attention and deserve recognition.


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