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The Importance of Cinematography in Film

The Importance of Cinematography in Film

There are many aspects that need to align to produce a great, or even good, film. From casting to directing, the choices they make lead to the final product – in this case, new films. One of those elements most certainly is cinematography.

Have you ever noticed how much emotions a single photograph can evoke? Same goes for movie cinematography and most of the time we’re not even aware of its effect on us. Even the Academy has recognised its importance and the award for best cinematography is considered one of the most prestigious accomplishments.

What is cinematography? Also known as direction of photography, it is science and art at the same time. Putting aside the technical part of this movie profession, it encompasses many different elements that we hardly think about as moviegoers; from frame rate selection and exposure to camera movement and lighting. Though it may seem more of a technical aspect of the filmmaking process, it also challenges the creativity of those people behind the scenes to bring us a visually appealing product. Cinematography almost has the narrative of its own, especially combined with set design. Some of the recent successful cinematographic examples include films like Blade Runner 2049 and The Handmaiden in the foreign film category.

The cinematography is a big part of the moviegoing experience, however, only with the addition of other film elements such as sound, music, costume design, can make a good film. Next time you sit down, relax and watch a movie, pay a bit more attention to these aspects and you’ll notice the importance of cinematography in a film.

The Importance of Cinematography in Film

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