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The different types of kitchen flooring materials

The different types of kitchen flooring materials

The kitchen is the pride of your house. It is not just the kitchen itself though; the floor adds a different taste to the kitchen too, and you should therefore select itcarefully. The kitchen floor is the first thing that you should consider while you design your kitchen. This is because flooring the kitchen afterwards makes the kitchen very difficult tosetup, and the kitchen looks dull.

Make sure to call Ruach Designs, as they will help you design your whole kitchen with the perfection you mostly dream of. However,even if you have not installed good floors, then you can do it later. Making a choice on the best flooring to use is an involving process, as you have to take time to study your kitchen, and look at what floor is the best for it. Here are the different types of kitchen floormaterials that you can considerin your flooring design.

Bamboo Flooring

The different types of kitchen flooring materials

Do you know the phrase “Going natural”?
If that is so, bamboo flooring is the best option for you, as it is the best natural material you will get. It is eco-friendly, making it completely safe to install it in your kitchens. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows really fast, and is the most sustainable material to be used as flooring. In addition to that, the strength of the bamboo is extremely high, making them capable of handling the body weight of your entire family without any fear.

However, while choosing the bamboo, you should keep an important factor should be kept in mind – the quality of the bamboo. If the quality of the bamboo provided to you is not of good quality, it very easy for it to rot. Hence, it is recommended that you purchase the bamboo material from a reputable seller.

Make sure that the warranty you get has a long duration, as this is how you can decide the durability of the material. When a seller gives along warranty, it simply meansthat they are sure about the quality of the material.This material also comes cheap and hence you can afford it easily.

Cork flooring

The different types of kitchen flooring materials

Cork provides the floor of your kitchen with a unique texture and padded feel. This looks great and attractive. Did you know that the main reason cork is used in champagne is that it is a great insulator to a lot of things?

Similarly, the cork flooring helps you to fight against sudden changes in temperature. If the surrounding temperatures are too hot, the cork absorb the heat; and when surroundings become too cold, the floor keeps the kitchen warm. It is also resistant to noiseand pests because of the waxy substance that is present.

Cork material can be found in two types. The first onehas a similar look to wood. While choosing this type, you need to make sure that the cork is polished well to avoid any water or moisture content – if not, so then you will have to face problems after installation when some liquid or oil pours on it. The second type is cock tiles, which is not in complete length. This also looks great, and the added advantage is if one of the tiles gets damaged, you donot have to change the whole cork layout,unlike the first type. You can just change the damaged tileand make a replacement. Because of this, when you go to buy this type, buy additional tiles for damage replacement.

Vinyl Flooring

The different types of kitchen flooring materials

The vinyl is the most versatile material that you can find. You can find the vinyl sheet in the market in either wood or stein, and choose the one you like.

The material is durable and is said to last for a minimum of years if you take care of it. If your kitchen is likely to be submerged in water due to flooding, then this is a perfect choice as this material is water resistant. You can also use this in your bathroom, or anywhere else to give a great look to your kitchen.

There are two types of vinyl material – vinyl tileand vinyl sheet. The vinyl titles are difficult to install and requirea professional. This makes their installation cost high. However, once installed,theylast for many years. It gives the woody feel that looks natural. The vinyl sheet isa thin sheet, which you can install without anyone’s assistance. However, to place this sheet perfectly, you might need equipment such as cutters to accurately cover the entire kitchen.

Porcelain tile

The different types of kitchen flooring materials

This comes in the list of durable tiles. It adds glamour to the floor because of the material. This is an extension of the ceramic tile, which was porous, therefore not suitable for flooring. Porcelain is generally less porous and you can install it in your kitchen at an affordable cost.

You can get the porcelain tile in two types –unglazed tiles,and the glazed one. The unglazed tile has that earthy texture that is not polished, and its color looks similar to clay. This gives a natural feel to the kitchen. On the other hand, the glazed tile is made by giving a color coating to the unglazed tile. The coating is of glass and hence with this, you can add any color to your tile. In addition, you can get it in any texture and color.

With so many options in hand, it becomes very difficult to choose for the perfect one. In case you cannot choose, a great tip is to look at all the advantages and disadvantages of the material. Everyone wants to install the best floor, so this categorization would help you with that. You can also look for ideas from other kitchens, or look up pictures of all the materials, and search for the one material that would completely suit your kitchen. If you found that material, then you are done with the selection.

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