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The Coolest Items You Can Create With A 3D Printer

Image Credit: Pixabay

3D printing is one of the latest crazes that is sweeping through the tech industry. It seems that just about every week some new news story comes out about how a 3D printer was used to create some new and unique item to solve a problem. At this point in their design cycle, 3D printers can be used to create just about anything. However, not all 3D printed items are created equally, as some are of much higher quality and are much more unique than others. Here are some of the coolest and most useful things you can create with a 3D printer.

Self Watering Planter
The self watering planter is an amazing 3D printed project that is extremely practical and can be used in just about any home. The self watering planter provides plants with a great environment to grow in, and all you need to do is add some water. The water will then be stored in the reservoir and released to the plant daily. You simply need to add more water when there is none visible in the reservoir. Plants need a consistent source of water to grow, and should typically be watered at least once a day. This planter makes watering plants much easier as you no longer have to remember to water your plants every day, but instead only have to remember to fill your planter every so often. This product has the potential to become a staple everywhere from Charleston homes to California gardens, as it is extremely practical and easy to produce.

Coin Sorter
A coin sorter is a simple 3D printing project that can making counting change extremely convenient. The sorter is printed with a small hopper and various sized holes. The hopper can then be twisted to display these various sized holes, allowing you to place your coins in the hole they fit into. This is a great way to organize your coins, and is much easier than spending time rolling your coins in individual wrappers. The project is also a relatively small one, as it is easy to create and does not take long.

Sound Amplifier
3D printing a sound amplifier can be a great way to enhance the music or sound coming from your phone’s quiet speakers. Simply place your phone in the dock and listen as your favorite tunes become much easier to hear and enjoy. This is a great alternative to going out and purchasing a new speaker for hundreds of dollars. A sound amplifier can be 3D printed in various shaped and designs, and takes about six to ten hours to fully print. These amplifiers are an extremely cool and practical way to take advantage of your 3D printer.

Battery Adapter
The difference between AA and C batteries can be annoying and frustrating for some, but thankfully 3D printing allows for easy creations to fix this problem. AA and C batteries share the same voltage, yet C batteries are often much more expensive. Thankfully, these 3D printed adapters allow you to safely and easily adapt AA batteries into C battery sizes to fit any electrical appliances that may need C batteries. This 3D printed project is extremely easy to use and can save you money in the long run.


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