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Team Building Events for The Office That Are Truly Enjoyable

Arranging group activities that focus on team building revitalises the working place and better acclimatises the team members to each other. This, subsequently, makes people nice with one another, and further allows them to work efficiently as a team in order to achieve the business goals. 

Here are a few popular team building events for your work environment that many companies out there use to build employees relationship. Each one of these has a standard plan – to improve employee interactions and communications, and to help them understand the strategy of team leadership.

1. Treasure hunt

Things You’ll Need:
1. Broken earring
2. Red slipper
3. Photograph
4. Locket

Make teams of 2 to 6 individuals and give them the list of items which they will have to find inside or outside the office building. 

You can add clues below each item which help them find the place where the particular item is hidden. Clues must not be very clear; they must be perplexing in phrases or poetry style. You can create a clue which will help them to find the next clue to reach the hidden item. Before starting the game, set a required time for each team. The first team that reaches to the final checkpoint with all items listed will win.

2. More Than Words

Things You’ll Need:
1. Tape
2. White kraft paper
3. Marker pens

This game is quite interesting. In this game,people will get to know about some of their positive points. This game improves the interactions and communication of each other. 

Ask everyone to get a thick white Kraft paper and paste those papers on the back of each person. Give them markers and ask them to write something positive about the persons who have the paper on their back. 

After they are done with writing, ask everyone to tell the person what he/she wrote on his/her back. That positive point will remove the negative thoughts in mind one has about the one who wrote. So, this way, this game can build a healthy environment among employees. 

3. Tied Down

Things Needed:
1. Empty box
2. Scissors
3. Wrapping paper
4. Tape
4. String

Make 2 to 3 teams with an equal number of individuals. Ask them to sit around the table in a circle. Tie their fingers together with strings. The right finger of one will be tied to the left finger of another individual. Give them empty boxes, tapes, scissors and wrapping gift paper. 

After a whistle sound, everyone will have to wrap the gift box with the help of scissorsand tape, although this is difficult to wrap boxes with tied fingers, this will certainly be the real fun for crowd watching them.

Wrapping Up – Corporate Team Building Events
So, these games will be the keys to explore the skills and planning abilities of each employee. These activities help the companies to understand the employees’ hidden abilities which they could never show in their professional lives.
These games allow the employers to plan training and development sessions to polish the skills of employees further. So, if you are still not full with the above games, you can have more than these, simply check out the popevents for more ideas. 

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