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Tantalizing Texas: Why It Could Be Your New Favorite Place to Live

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More than just the warm land of cowboys, oil, and good old-fashioned barbeques, Texas has something for nearly everybody. With a population of 28.3 million and the distinction of being the 2nd largest state next to Alaska in land area, Texas has had a lot of time to develop themselves into one of the greatest places in America to live and play. We’re talking about rich culture, fantastic cuisine, and a well-developed housing market, with enough variety in both price and extra features for you to wonder why you didn’t move there sooner.

You might be wondering at this point if Texas is worth all of the hype, and not just an extended commercial for Walker, Texas Ranger. Well, hopefully, the following list can best explain what to expect from Texas and why major buyers’ agencies, like Homebuyers USA Texas, are expanding their work to better serve such an in-demand state.

Climate Is Hot but Varied

Much of the state enjoys an average summer temperature in the mid-90s, and the average winter temperature being somewhere in the mid-60s. While the temperatures remain somewhat consistent throughout the state, what kind of climate you’ll have to contend with itself depends on the area. Areas close to the Gulf Coast enjoy a very humid and maritime climate, while the further west you go, the less moisture you’ll find as you’ll see yourself in a desert biome, as opposed to one with lush greenery.

Rainfall and precipitation also vary across the state. The easternmost part of the state enjoys the highest amount of average rainfall, getting around 60 inches per year. The further west you go, the less precipitation you’ll have to give a respite from the hot temperatures. The average rainfall in the El Paso and far western regions is typically around 10 inches per year.

Tornadoes are your primary concern as far as natural disasters go. Texas is the most tornado-prone state out of the entire U.S.

Big City Bustle or Small Town Charm

How fast-paced you’d like your life to be can also be served well by the varied town size found in Texas. Austin, Houston, and Dallas all rank highly as far as the best places overall to call home in the Lone Star State, but that’s assuming you have the kind of capital to live in a major U.S. city. Plus, things like traffic and a high population overall make the city far too busy and hectic for many people to consider living there long-term.

The next place to decide to live would, of course, be in the suburbs of any of these major cities or a mid-sized city like Arlington or Amarillo. These cities will give you slightly fewer earnings per year, but associated housing costs are lower as well. For some, this means more take-home cash per month.

Those who’d prefer to steer clear of cities entirely can find small hamlets and close-knit communities dotted throughout the state. These small towns usually serve to fulfill the needs of either people travelling through the state, or have a small specialized economy directly tied to the oil industry. If a laid-back classic Texas feel with barbecues and pickup trucks aplenty sounds like your cup of tea, consider a small town like Galveston or somewhere even smaller.

In Conclusion

You don’t need to worry that you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for in Texas, so long as you can handle a warm climate. Home prices are stabilizing right now after a small boom in recent years. This is why it’s a great time to crunch some numbers and see if you can afford the move.


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