DIY Mitten Tutorials for This Winter

Tutorial: crafts.tutsplus

We are back again with another crafty idea to warm your hands before the freezing cold of winter starts. Not everyone is gloves type person and they need to feel their fingers free and snuggle together. Besides, you can’t enjoy playing snowball without a pair of mittens. It is as if they were invented for

20 Knit and Crochet Scarf Patterns for Women

Tutorial: annaevers

Nothing quiets my mind better than knitting. With its repetitive nature, knitting is the best remedy for stress related problems especially for those who are not interested in yoga or traditional meditation. For long winter nights, you can try different patterns to make fresh new scarves for you and your friends. If you are a beginner and not familiar with

Tutorials for Cute Arm Warmers with Socks

Tutorial: makezine

Like everyone else and other women, I hate being cold especially my hands and feet get frozen on cold winter days. For such times, a pair of warm socks and gloves are life saving pieces. But if you don’t like your fingers covered then arm/hand warmers make the best option. Now pick out a pair of cute socks from your closet and get your scissors, a needle and

DIY Ear Warmer Tutorials and Ideas

bow headband
Tutorial: peoplewebs

If you’re not a hat person, you can keep your ears warm using ear warmers and head bands. There are lots of great patterns for ear warmers out there that will protect your ears from freezing. If you can knit, you will surely love these tutorials and ideas each of which is simple and warm. Please tell us what kind of fun things you are crocheting or knitting for the fall and