20 Easy to Make Hairstyle Tutorials

If you are tired of your plain hairstyle, it is high time for a change. A simple touch can take a hairstyle from basic to unique. There are some really talented people who makes fabulous hairstyles with little effort and they are also

Craft Time: Lamp Shade Redesigns

The ones who are interested in home decoration is somehow get involved in DIY projects. As they are always on the go for trying to find the most appealing style in an affordable price range, they end up with the solution in DIYing.

Craft Work! DIY Headband Tutorials

A reader suggested that we offer some DIY projects on hair accesories. Great idea! So we collected this roundup of DIY headbands. With a few simple materials, you can have various kinds of beautiful headbands which are also gorgeous inexpensive gifts for girls.