37 Charming Mandala Tattoo Designs


Mandalas are circular flowery designs which are used for religious ceremonies. You can also see them in meditation and prayer rooms and churches as they symbolise spiritual calm and eternal love. Besides, mandalas can be great tattoo designs to reflect a spiritual, balanced attitude

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25 Fabulous Rib Tattoo Ideas for Girls


Tattoo is the sexiest kind of art inked on human body. It enables you to highlight the best part of your body. Rib and rib cage are maybe the most popular locations for such purpose. When you mention about the words rib and tattoo in the same sentence, it calls the pain to your

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37 Melodic Music Note Tattoo Ideas


Lots of people are very fond of music and tattoo. So they look for music themed tattoo ideas. If you are one of them, you must consider designs with music notes. With music, you can create a unique design carrying a special meaning for you. All elements of

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42 Chic and Sexy Bow Tattoo Ideas


Have you ever thought about getting a bow tattoo? It is one of the cutest and sexiest tattoo designs, especially when applied on the right place and harmonized with other matching tattoos. For example, a bow on a garter on your thigh make the hottest tattoo which you will always want

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16 Awe-inspiring Taurus Tattoos


Taurus is the second astrological zodiac sign ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Taurus women are outstanding for their graceful, independent and desirable characteristics. Bull is the sign for this zodiac which can be used as a tattoo design in various ways. You can consider a small bull design with your birth year or another complementary symbol. Placement for such a tattoo can vary from behind the ear or neck to ankle or

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