Unconventional Experiences by Fra.Biancoshock


“Don’t try this at home. Try this on the street” says the Italian artist Fra.Biancoshock. Although he resisted to call himself an artist for a long time, he soon realised that’s the purpose of his work. What he does to expose his artistic talent is street art for

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Awesome 3D Street Art Illusions

Started at the beginning of the 1980s, 3d Street Art is a 2-dimensional artwork drawn on the street that gives you a 3-dimensional optical illusion effect when viewed from a specific point. Some of them are interactive that let

Scratching the Surface Street Art by Vhils

You know, we love to share the best examples of street art here on Sortrature and today it is time to introduce you one of the most unique creation by Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils. He is well-known with

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Street Art by Ian Stevenson

Wouldn’t it be surprising to see something extraordinary in the middle of a hectic day like a “Follow me on Twitter” written rubbish container on the street? Surely, it would be. Maybe the illustrator Ian Stevenson‘s starting

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