Give your Home something extra with Slate Floor Tiles

Natural stone tiling for the floor has been much in vogue of late among homeowners because of their sheer elegance. Perfect for home outdoors as well as indoors, slate floor tiles are a perfect accompaniment for any décor whatsoever be it rather contemporary or the traditional ones. This is because most of them are available in the market in the most natural form and add to the beauty quotient of your home. Out of the natural stone flooring options available, slate is one of the most popular one because of numerous possible advantages. It might be one of the most affordable alternatives to give your home flooring an all natural touch while gleaming up instantly. Read on further for more information on installing natural slate floor tiles in your home.


Unique look for you home:

Natural slate is cut into slabs to install onto your floor for a durable flooring alternative. The number of layers gives your slate floor tiles a unique appeal, different from every other piece with colorful bands adorning your floor. This color appears because of mineral deposition, and when the slabs are cut and polished, it makes your home absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for every household, regardless of the room you are planning to do up, slate floor tiles can be a great add-on.

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Durability quotient:

Among the natural stones available in the market, slate is one of the most durable options that can last well for years together and endure damages smoothly. No matter how much wear and tear it goes through, slate floor tiles stay gorgeous for a very long time. If you have an area in your home that is a high traffic zone, slate is a perfect pick for that, such as kitchen and bathroom.

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Slate floor tiles for your bathroom:

Quite a popular choice for bathroom flooring option, slate flooring ensures that no one slips in the bathroom even if the floor is wet. Slate floor tiles have slip resistant properties and even when it is wet it gives a natural grip to prevent any accidents. Besides that, it keeps bacterial growth at bay and doesn’t promote mold and mildew formation. Once installed in your bathroom, you can be rest assured that it will be a safe and hygienic place.

Buying slate floor tiles is quite easy since a number of reputed natural stone dealers work online as well bringing to you the best quality slate tiles for your home. Among the popular names in the industry, Brazili Stone deserves a definite mention. Their website showcases all the slate variants available, and you can browse through them for a better idea.

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