30 Ideas for Decorating Your Wine Bottles


Giving a bottle of wine as a Christmas gift is the best solution for the ones whom you can’t decide what to buy for. But adding a touch of something personal to this versatile gift is better than giving it right away. You can turn them into festive decorating items that your friends will surely keep them forever. There are various creative ways

Clever Reuse Ideas for Plastic Bread Tags

“A bread tag is just a bread tag” is it what you think? Then you are totally mistaken. A bread tag not only holds plastic bags closed and shows the expiry date but also has many different usages and an amazing material for

Repurpose, Recycle and Reuse

You will find that everything in your house from bottle carriers to old oatmeal jars has a purpose and can be used to decorate or make your home practical. Here are some environmentally-friendly ways for reusing and recycling everyday items you might have around the house.