Figurative Cityscapes by Jeremy Mann


Jeremy Mann is a fine art painter based in San Francisco. He is interested in figures, objects, landscapes and cityscapes. He has such a unique style for painting hyper realistic cityscapes with oil on panel that he recieves attention from critics and collectors since he was graduated from Academy of Art University. We absolutely fall in

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Amazing Oil Paintings of Ominous Cityscapes


Inspired by his trips to Hong Kong, Thailand, and China, artist Brian Mashburn is the name behind these gloomy dark skyscapes. To him painting is “the soul of a hopeless romantic and the dark humor of a

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Photo-Realistic Muscle Car Paintings by Cheryl Kelley

It is something extraordinary for a woman being deeply fond of cars, isn’t it? Artist Cheryl Kelley takes this one step further by using classic muscle cars as the main theme of her art. When we read more about her, we slowly

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