Landscape Romania by Darran Rees


Award-winning photographer Darran Rees was born in Wales and moved to London for his interest in photography after having completed his education in art and painting. He accomplished many projects on various subjects and currently he is working on a long term project about the

Hidden Landscapes by Sam Alive


New York based photographer Sam Alive plays with his iphone and captures his everyday moments in an amazing way. He simply places his phone in front of the blurred scenery and creates double story shots in which the phone becomes the main actor. You must see his portfolio to understand better how he puts his

Amazing Oil Paintings of Ominous Cityscapes


Inspired by his trips to Hong Kong, Thailand, and China, artist Brian Mashburn is the name behind these gloomy dark skyscapes. To him painting is “the soul of a hopeless romantic and the dark humor of a

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Landscape Photography by Kilian Schoenberger


30-year-old Kilian Schoenberger is a professional photographer and geographer from Germany who mainly focuses on both natural landscapes and cityscapes. What is special about him is that he is actually colourblind and he explains how he gets advantage of this disability while capturing the photos with