The Art of Stop Motion by Rachel Ryle


As Instagram has allowed its users the capability to publish 15-second videos, the creative minds started the work immediately.  Illustrator and animator Rachel Ryle is one of them who has recently moved her stop-motion animations into her Instagram feed and still keeps on publishing fresh new ones very frequently.  Rachel says “I’ve always been intrigued by the art of stop-motion. As soon as Instagram released the video

Cute Photos of Instagram’s Best Friends


After its selfies and shots with his old friend Sage, nowadays Harlow the Weimaraner is even more popular with the family’s new member, Indi the Dachshund, which seems to fit in just fine. This cool and handsome puppies have become internet celebrities and already

20 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Lovers

All of us love to travel even though we can’t make it as much as we desire for. Leaving aside all the clichés and food photos, Instagram is a great tool to take us everywhere we want to see around the world. We all know how it works; the smartphone users from the most remote corners of the world upload photos of landscapes and famous places which enables their followers to see there with