Extremely Funny Toy Stories by Johandi Yahya


If you use instagram not only to share your photos or follow your friends and relatives, but also like following people with extraordinary work then you shoud add Johandi Yahya to your list. Indonesian dreamer and toy addict Yahya (as he defines himself) takes instamovies with

The Magic Wand by Wandson Lisboa


Wandson Lisboa (27) is a professional internet user who does graphic design in his spare time. His favourite catchphrase is “put a like on it” and his favourite rhetorical tool is the hashtag. He is never caught without battery power on his iPhone, which he uses mostly to take pictures of all his friends and

10 Terrific Time-lapse Videos of Chicago

Days come and go so fast and the most beautiful moments of the city we live in pass by while we are struggling with the hustle and bustle of our daily life. Have you ever noticed that you even forget looking around while walking to work and back? We feel that very often. So why not watching some short videos that shows some

20 Tasty Instagram Accounts to Follow

Who isn’t a food lover? Unquestionably, everyone enjoys food photos on Instagram and keeps on searching for the best accounts to follow. So we have hunted for some creative food pornographers who provides your daily yumgasms with their instagram feed. Bloggers, professional photographers, authors, chefs or just