20 Heartwarming Disney Quotes


With their beautiful animation, great songs, and solid characters, Disney movies have always been our favourites moving from generation to generation, touching hearts no matter which corner of the world we live in. They have tons of heartwarming lessons containing Walt Disney’s recipe of happiness that all the kiddos enjoy watching. Do you know his

Extraordinary Disney Illustrations by Pez Artwork

Be ready to be amazed by the French artist PEZ’s mind-blowing work “Distroy”. He recreates Disnep characters with his gifted talent in drawing illustrations. He has an extraorinary style using just a graphite pencil on paper that can be seen significiantly in his “Distroy” series. Just take a look at Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. They are a little unfamiliar

Grumpy Disney by Tsaoshin

Tsaoshin is a digital painter who likes working on fantasy stuff, creature creating, nerd culture, and fan art. His collection is called “Grumpy Disney” based on the idea replacing one of the characters with the Internet’s most