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Super Fun Crafts Projects with Plastic Beads


Tutorial: lovefromginger

Guess what? We’ve found another diy material and seriously a cute one. OK, it is not something new but the project outcomes really are. Yes, we are talking about those colorful plastic beads that you make several shapes and iron in the end. DIYers around the world have done such a great job with them that each of the products seems incredibly amazing. Here are 20 easy and fun tutorials for you to deal with during the holiday season.

perler02Tutorial: thecheesethief

perler04Tutorial: howdidyoumakethis

perler05Tutorial: pinkstripeysocks

perler06Tutorial: morningcreativity

perler07Tutorial: thecheesethief

perler08Tutorial: johannarundel

perler09Tutorial: thechillydog

perler11Tutorial: thepinksamurai

perler12Tutorial: mypoppet

perler13Tutorial: leighlaurelstudios

perler14Tutorial: lovefromginger

perler15Tutorial: planb

perler16Tutorial: merrimentdesign

perler17Tutorial: poppyhaus

perler18Tutorial: tutsplus

perler19Tutorial: morningcreativity

perler20Tutorial: mypoppet

perler03Tutorial: dreamalittlebigger

perler10Tutorial: craftandcreativity


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