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How to Spend a Weekend in Brooklyn

Brooklyn feels too vast for a single weekend, and so many options exist in the borough that choosing what to do is difficult. The cool thing is that you can plan any kind of weekend you want. If you’d like to spend all day walking street fairs and visiting local shops, you can. If you’re a night owl looking for the coolest music scene or the best late-night clubs with dancing, you can do that, too. Punctuate your visit with delicious food, and you’ll love the weekend you spend in Brooklyn.

Walk Prospect Park
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This public park is known for its beauty. When you visit Prospect Park, you’re likely to bump into street performers, and might even see a festival in bloom. The trails are perfect for walking, and you can find lots of great picnic spots along the way. The Prospect Park Zoo is also worth a look. If you want real adventure, check out the Ravine, an actual forest right inside Brooklyn.

Eat at Buttermilk Channel
Picking a single restaurant in Brooklyn is challenging, but Buttermilk Channel is an intriguing blend of upscale dining and Southern cooking that you shouldn’t miss. Head to Court Street to find this restaurant. The menu features lots of options from healthy salads and soups, to Roasted Wild Boar Ribs and Buttermilk Fried Chicken. By the way, this spot makes its pickles in-house.

Listen to Live Music
Brooklyn is a hub for live music, and you can find basically any genre when you visit. The Music Hall of Williamsburg is a well-known venue where you’ll always find great indie music. If you want great DJs, head to Baby’s All Right. If you want jazz and blues, try the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium.

Shop Smorgasburg
If you’re visiting between April and October, spend part of your Saturday at Smorgasburg. This event is like a combination of foodie street fair and farmer’s market. You can find all kinds of delicious local food to sample. Walk around and explore your options, and make sure your group buys from a variety of vendors. That way, you can all try a bit of everything. In all, 100 vendors attend the Saturday Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. If you can’t make it on Saturday, then head to Prospect Park for Smorgasburg on Sunday.

Explore Architecture
Get your brownstone fix when you take self-guided walking tours through some of Brooklyn’s most beautiful neighborhoods. The architecture in this borough is eclectic and gorgeous, and it’s definitely worth exploring if you’re at all interested in architecture and history. Plus, some of the coolest boutique hotels in Brooklyn are housed in truly unique buildings, like the Wythe Hotel, which is in a former barrel factory. Stay in one to get an interior and exterior perspective on Brooklyn architecture.

Brooklyn will leave you feeling satisfied after a packed weekend of fun, yet part of you will want more. With so much to do, you can plan many visits to Brooklyn to continue exploring this vibrant part of NYC.


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