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Should I buy a Mirror TV?

Can you imagine walking into your living room to see a beautiful mirror mounted on the wall? The catch is that the stunning mirror turns to a television at the touch of the button. Yes, televisions that also doubles as a mirror is the new craze in the television industry. These types of televisions are being manufactured by top electronic brands including Samsung, Toshiba, and other major brands. Whether you are in the market for a new television and you’re simply looking to update your space, you may be wondering whether you should invest in a mirror TV. Let us help you make a decision.

Should I buy a Mirror TV?
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What Exactly Is A Mirror TV?
A mirror TV is a television that converts to a mirror when it’s not being used. These type of televisions are often used to help save on space as well as conceal television set in the living room, bedroom and other areas of the home. Also, mirror TVs can be implemented into all types of interior designs. They make a great addition to smart homes that are more technology focused.

Mirror televisions were common in luxury hotels and in the homes of the wealthy. However, in recent years, mirror TVs have become affordable and can be purchased for use in all homes.

Understanding The Concept of A Mirrored Television
Is it magic? While it may seem like magic the way a mirror surface suddenly clears up to show a crystal clear television screen it’s not. In fact, mirrored TVs are constructed using physics. It’s science that allows a television to switch back and forth between a mirrored surface and a standard looking TV screen.

These televisions are manufactured using dielectric glass. A dielectric glass is composed of several layers of thin dielectric material that has a transparent coating applied to it that is deposited on substrate glass or another type of opaque or transparent material. Dielectric coating also consists of an electric insulator which is what allows the television to turn from opaque to transparent at the flip of a switch.

Mirror televisions that are created using this technology allow light from the TV to pass through the television unimpeded and it uses just enough light to create that mirrored effect. In fact, seventy percent of the light can pass through the glass while it only reflects thirty percent of the light. The LCD screen is mounted towards the back of the polarized mirror.

Should I Invest In A Mirror Television?
Is a mirrored television really worth the investment? That largely depends on your reasons for wanting to purchase one. Here are some of the most common reasons people purchase a mirror TV.

Conceal A Flat Screen
Years ago, having the biggest flat screen was a trend. However, people soon realized how bulky flat-screen televisions don’t really go with their decor. If your TV is an eyesore in your living room or bedroom then a mirror television can be the solution. There are many different ways a television can be concealed in any room of the house including using artwork as a distraction, investing in a quality entertainment center or using shelving. However, if you find that none of these options give you the desired look you’re seeking then it’s time to go shopping for a mirror TV.
A mirror TV is an attractive option because it will look like there is a beautiful mirror adorning your walls. Yet, when you’re ready to watch your favorite shows you can enjoy the features of a big, high definition TV.

Television in the Bathroom
Have you been considering installing a television in the bathroom so that you can watch your favorite shows while relaxing in the bathtub then you should consider purchasing a mirror TV? While bathroom mirror TVs tend to be less transparent however you can always select from customized options. A mirror television for the bathroom can be installed anywhere in the bathroom including over the sink. You’ll get all the benefits of a stunning transparent mirror accompanied with viewing capabilities.

Technology Enthusiasts
If you are a technology freak then you can’t pass up on the opportunity to have a mirror television. Individuals who are very tech savvy can get much use out of such a TV. Best of all, you’ll still be mesmerized by the HDTV viewing experience.

Install It Anywhere
Mirrored televisions don’t have to be installed in a special area. You can have one in the area of the home even on your bedside table or over the fireplace. Where you install your mirror TV all depends on your taste.

Low Maintenance
Mirror televisions have a relatively simple maintenance process. Although these televisions use a special glass, it doesn’t require any specialized cleaning for optimal viewing.

In the Market for A New TV
If you’re already in the process of shopping for a new television, then why not consider investing in a mirror TV? If you’ve already set aside a nice chunk of change for something nice then it makes sense to see what type of selection your local electronic store has to offer.

What Kind of Features Does A Mirror TV Offer?
Besides it’s polarized mirror that allows for it to double as a mirror and standard television screen, mirror TVs are equipped with lots of bells and whistles. You’ll find that these televisions are produced with many different features. Some mirror televisions have a touch screen interface which means you can control the television by simply using your fingertips.

Quality mirrored televisions use a UHD engine which optimizes content for the highest picture quality. Also, subtle details and shades of color take on a whole new life with HDTV technology. You can expect advanced contrasting that reflects light at the right angle to reveal a lifelike picture. Art mode allows you to transform the TV into a beautiful piece of artwork when you aren’t watching TV. You purchase a variety of beautiful images to display on the screen.

Of course, you still get the benefits of smart TV. You can browse the internet on this television and launch all of your favorite apps. Also, you can stream movies, play interactive games and even check the weather on your mirror TV.

What To Consider When Shopping For A Mirror TV?
There are hundreds of mirror televisions that are marketed by your favorite brand. Of course, like when purchasing an expensive product there are factors that you should consider before you make a purchase. Here are some important factors that you must consider before you buy a mirrored television.

When it comes to buying a mirror TV you don’t want to compromise on quality. Every mirror television isn’t manufactured using the same materials. Some of these materials are higher in quality while others are constructed using cheaper materials. Higher quality mirror televisions are made using dielectric glass. However, there are mirror TVs on the market that uses a less expensive glass substrate. The dielectric glass is what allows for crystal clear mirror and flawless picture quality. Bathroom mirror televisions tend to use a different type of glass because of the differences in lighting. You can also choose from an extensive collection of frame options.

Before you decide on a final purchase be sure to survey the entire mirror TVs in your budget range. Typically, you can’t go wrong if you buy from a trusted brand.

Mirror televisions are available in a range of sizes ranging from 15 inches to 55 inches. What size you should select depends on your preference. However, the size should be proportional to the room that you plan on installing it in. For instance, if you’re searching for a mirror TV for the living room then no doubt, a large screen is best since it will more than likely be on display. On the other hand, if you are looking for a mirror TV for the bathroom then a smaller television is ideal. Keep in mind that when you’re shopping for a mirror TV it will also double as a mirror which means you take into consideration the aesthetic value that will offer a space.

What color should you choose? This can be a difficult decision. When in doubt, just choose a mirror TV that will easily fit into the decor of the room you plan on mounting it in. A classic black television will fit in perfectly in a kitchen with dark wood cabinetry. A silver mirrored television is guaranteed to stand out in any room and can make for a striking contrast against softer palettes. A pearl white mirror television will look great in the bedroom.

Since mirror televisions use the advanced technology you can expect them to cost a pretty penny. This type of television can range anywhere between $1600 to $10,000 depending on the size you choose. When you factor in additional features such as waterproof glass or a touch screen the price can drastically increase. Before you begin shopping for a mirror TV you should know exactly how much you can spend.

Since this type of television utilizes a heavy glass, you’ll more than likely have to have it installed it mounted on the wall by a professional. This is especially so if you plan on using it in areas of the home like the bathroom. Professional installation will prevent the television from falling and breaking.

Mirror Transmission Rate
The mirror transmission rate on the television is another important factor to consider prior to purchase. The transmission and reflectance rate should be equally balanced. After all, you’ll want the perfect mirror performance when the television is off and great picture quality when the screen is turned on. Also, it shouldn’t take a long time for the two to transform back and forth. You can test out the mirror transmission rate in store before you make a purchase.

When Buying A Mirror TV Is Not A Option
For some individuals, a mirror television may not be an option due to its hefty price tag. What many people don’t know is that you can get the same mirrored effect on the television that is already hanging on your wall. This can be done through the installation of TV mirror frame.

Yes, a mirror TV frame can be installed over almost any type of television. Experts recommend using an LCD screen rather than plasma screen since plasma can be a fire hazard if heat can’t escape. A black television is preferred since it aids in a better reflection. The great thing about a mirror TV frame is that can be customized to fit your interior or you can select from a number of premade frames. When purchasing a mirrored frame you’ll want to make sure you measure your television set because you want to choose a frame that isn’t bigger than your TV screen and measuring allows you to obtain the exact dimensions.

The glass has to be mounted right over the television. It should no more than ¼ inches away from the television screen. It’s important for the mirror frame to be mounted correctly because you want to make sure you get the mirror effect when it’s off. Also, the mounting kit needs to be durable enough to adequately hold the weight of the mirror glass, the television as well as the frame.

Mirror TV frames should also be installed by a professional. Due to heat dissipation, it needs to be mounted a few inches away from the wall There a few different ways it can be installed which include:

Building it into a cabinet
Mounting in on the wall
Recessing the mirror frame and television into the wall

So should you purchase a mirror TV? While worth the investment, mirrored televisions are generally expensive. Opting to buy a cheaper one from an unknown brand can result in you not getting the results you desire. Along with a quality installation you should expect to thousands of dollars. However, mirrored TV frames can help you achieve the same look at a fraction of the cost.

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