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Safety Tips for Traveling Alone in Today’s World

To put it simply, the world can be quite a dangerous place for those who do not take the appropriate safety precautions. Traveling is no different but people treat it as so, people who are not willing to go to a dangerous section of their own city seem to be more than willing to do so in a foreign country. The corruption that goes on in many places is rampant so sometimes the police can be involved with the criminals accepting bribes and threatening arrest if certain “fines” are not paid. The following are safety tips for traveling alone as there is truth to there being power in numbers.

Meet Other Travelers

Traveling with a group is inherently safer and there are going to be others traveling alone or in a small group. A solo travel app can help you connect with other travelers in order to have safety in numbers. Alternately you can go in a group that a company has set up but this does have its negatives. This means you have to visit all of the attractions with the group without much of an option. Connecting with travelers that have the same locations or attractions on their itinerary will be the most convenient option.

Stick To Areas With Tourists or Expats

The one thing about traveling alone is that you might be a target for burglars or people that have much more sinister plans than robbing you. Sticking to areas with a large amount of tourists and expats helps reduce the chances of you being targeting because you stand out. Even in these areas it is important to stay in the more frequented areas rather than back roads without the same police presence. Take a look at travel websites to figure out where these places are and research multiple sources. Some sources might be more willing to face danger or might speak the native dialect so they blend in much better.

Hire Personal Security

There are going to be some places you might want to visit that are extremely dangerous. These could be connected to your heritage but political unrest might make it more dangerous than other locales. Hiring personal security in these countries can be much less expensive than the security would be in the United States. Contract this security through a reputable source instead of directly so the travel agency can be held accountable in the case of something going wrong. These places should be avoided as a general rule, but if you have to go for a family event consider taking security.

Try An All-Inclusive Resort

There are going to be those people who just want to go to a warm beach and relax there for a few days. The all-inclusive resort route is perfect for these people as they will not have to leave at all if they do not want to. The resort will also have tours that can be booked while you are there instead of committing to something you might not want to do the day of. These resorts have activities for all travelers so you won’t feel like you are traveling alone at all!

Use the above tips when traveling alone to ensure your safety as you always want to return from your trip healthy and safe!


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