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Safety Tips for Single Female Travelers

Each year, thousands of women travel all over the world on their own. Solo travel is definitely an exhilarating and exciting experience, and can be a wonderful way to get to know yourself, learn your own strengths, and get away from the mundanity and routine of everyday life. Whether you’re planning an adventure trip or a backpacking journey, a quiet, relaxing beach holiday or a culture-filled vacation, the one main message to solo female travelers stays the same: stay safe. Sadly, single women are still the number one biggest target for crime when travelling, so understanding how to best look after yourself will ensure that you have a trip that is everything that you’d hoped it would be and more.

Learn Self Defense
Self-defense is a skill which everybody should learn, no matter what your gender and even if you’re not planning to travel alone. Knowing how to defend yourself against anybody who is trying to hurt you will give you more confidence and allow you to travel with the reassurance that if anything does happen, you will be able to hold your own. Along with learning self-defense skills, you might find it helpful to carry a self-defense weapon such as this titanium tactical pen.

Know Your Surroundings
Before you set off on your solo trip, it’s important to research the area so that you are fully aware of what to expect when you arrive. Along with researching the main parts of the area such as the attractions and places to see, it’s also a good idea to look at things such as crime rates and local customs. Travel forums or social media groups are great sites to visit in order to learn more about a country from either local residents or people who have travelled there before. When you arrive knowing what to expect, it’s always a better experience as you will be more confident and at ease.

Be Vigilant
If, like many travelers, you are planning to take public transportation, it’s important to be vigilant and have your wits about you at all times as public transport is often a hotspot for pickpockets. If you are carrying any valuables with you, it’s a good idea to conceal them where possible. Under-clothing cross-body bags and pouches are great for hiding your money and any valuable items. Whenever possible, only take out what you need – the majority of hotels and hostels will have a safe where you can store anything valuable such as your passport, electronics and the bulk of your money.

Travel Money
When you are exchanging your money into the currency of the country which you plan to visit, it’s a good idea to get a pre-paid travel money card where possible. These cards work the same as your regular credit card and can be used to pay in any shop which takes debit and credit cards as well as withdraw money from an ATM. They’re also a safer option as if it is stolen, you can have the card cancelled immediately and have your money returned to you.

Travelling as a solo female is an awesome experience, but it’s essential to know how to stay safe.