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Roundup of the Favourite Posts – August

Whether you were enjoying the last quarter of the beach season or busy with back to school stuff, you might not have the opportunity to follow Sortrature properly and missed some articles during this month. So just in case, we decided to start a monthly serie of favourite posts including our selection of the most popular sample of each category. Have a quick glance at the photo summary of each post below and click on the links to read the entire article. You can bookmark or pin each photo in order to check back later.

backpack-tutorialsRead more: Backpack Tutorials

caravan-interiorsRead more: Caravan Interiors

vintage-weddingRead more: Vintage Wedding

decorative-corner-shelvesRead more: Corner Shelves

autumn-decorationsRead more: Autumn Decorations

clever-advertisementRead more: Clever Ads

diy-corksRead more: DIY Corks

home-improvement-ideasRead more: Home Improvement

little-houses-in-natureRead more: Little Houses

diy-rug-tutorialsRead more: Rug Tutorials


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