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A Road Trip with a Difference

Road tripping conjures up the most glorious vignettes, doesn’t it? Scenes of beautiful countryside rolling past while you drive along at a grand old pace with the windows down and the music up. It’s a beautiful thing to do in any country in the world, and when you live somewhere as beautiful as Australia there is really nothing better to do with your summer (or winter) holidays than get a couple of your mates together and sort out some good old fashioned road trip fun. There’s the small matter of the fact that your mates are all practically hopeless when it comes to camping though, and that’s why you should consider something like a caravan or bed and breakfast hire for your accommodation for your glorious road trip.


If your mates aren’t useless with camping then lucky you, you should really dig out the tent and save yourself a couple of bucks on the accommodation front! However, if there’s a chance of rain, if it’s winter or if you really just cannot be bothered fiddling around with guy ropes and all that ilk, you should think about saving a little bit harder for the road trip and putting the money towards hiring a caravan. It also makes you feel kinda like a truck driver when you’re screaming along the highway towing a couple of tons of your own accommodation. Well, you’ll feel like a truck driver or a really big car-shaped turtle thing. Either way. Awesome.

So if you’ve got the plan in place for your road trip you need to get online and start figuring out where to get your caravan hire Sydney sorted out, yeah? After all, you wouldn’t want to get to the holidays and find out that all of the good caravans are gone and all that’s left is one that smells a little bit and has just about enough space to open up a can of beans. Maybe.

That would be a disastrous start to your glorious golden-tinged visions of your road trip, wouldn’t it? So take some advice and jump onto drivenow.com.au and start tapping those fingers on those keys and search for your caravan. Now!


Things you’ll need to consider are:

1. How many of you are there? This will determine how many berths or bunks you’ll need in your caravan. The layouts can vary depending on the size and style of the caravan too, so make sure you have a look at the fit out. That way you can figure out ways to get around silencing your mate that snores really loudly. You can always roll them out the door once they pass out – apparently snorers are really heavy sleepers… Hopefully.

2. How many kilometres are you going to be clocking up? This will depend on the milage that you’re allocated with your van for hire.

3. What kind of terrain are you going to navigating over? This will make a difference depending on the kind of caravan you’re going to hire. If you’re making a beeline for the beach then you’ll probably need some special tyres of something. Just make sure you ask the nice people that you hire your van from to make sure you don’t get into any hot water after bringing the van back covered in salt spray.

4. Are you looking to be fully self contained? If so you’ll need to make sure that you have all the things you need (like a toilet and a fridge, silly) so that you can go all Bear Grylls on that nature and totally show it how self sufficient you are.

Happy caravanning!



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