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Trip to Glamorous Cannes – Cannes Travel Guide

The city of Cannes is not just the fishing village anymore. It has become a glamorous place for the elite class and quite popular amongst the tourists. The place enjoys 12 sunlight hours in summers. Spring and fall are comfortable but slightly cooler. The Mediterranean climate keeps the winter months at reasonable temperatures.

The peak time to visit Cannes in August. Although it is very crowdie and expensive at that time, visiting this place during the Film Festival will always be great fun. The city is quite glamorous and chic at this time. July, August, and September are the most crowded months. You can read more essays on trip topic here

How to reach Cannes, France?

The Nice International Airport is the nearest one here. There are express coaches and buses to carry the person to the main city. The cheapest choice for movement in the city is through buses. Taxis are always expensive but the most comfortable option. Some places can be traveled on foot.

Attractions in Cannes

1. Old Town – this is the best place to eat at a busy restaurant and for souvenir shopping. This place has narrow streets, stories, and viewpoints.

2. Covered Market – This market is the best to check for local produce. Even a famous chef can be spotted here seeking some good quality crops.

3. Palais des Festivals – The movie stars accumulate here to see the festival films here. This was built here in the year 1947 to host the Film Festival and is a very famous posing place for a photo.

4. La Croisette – Boulevard de la Croisette is very popular amongst the visitors who want to see the latest fashion in the boutiques.

5. Musse de la Mer – this place is located on the port of the Saint Marguerite Island. A person can find memories of the sear that dates back to the Roman period. There is also a prison here that held many prisoners which includes the man in the Iron Mask.

Things to do in Cannes

There are a number of activities that can be undertaken in this beautiful city apart from exploring the various tourist attractions. The beaches here are just wonderful, although may be a bit expensive. The public beaches are usually jam-packed and are very far from the town. The Iles de Lerins is a quieter place that is very beautiful. A person can also spend some time in the port looking at the big and gorgeous yachts that belong to the rich. Cannes is also popular for the Festival de la Plaisance de Cannes, which takes place in mid of September.

Nightlife in Cannes

It can be said that Cannes has the best nightlife. It has many bars, pubs, clubs, and resorts which provide the visitors with great nightlife entertainment.


How To Plan A Trip To Kerala

Kerala tours are common as a holiday destination for the Indian middle class. What is surprising and probably wonderful is that a lot of foreign tourists from all over the globe too come down here for a holiday. Kerala holidays have a lot to offer the average tourist. With its scenic beauty, glimpse of Indian culture and hospitable people, Kerala tours are a whole lot of fun. Here’s how you should plan a trip to Kerala.

1. The internet is a wonderful place to get information and it is the first place to go to for planning a holiday. Browse the internet for all sorts of information. However, the information you need the most are hotels, accommodations, flights and trains. You will find everything you need on the internet.

2. Next is to find out the places you want to include in your travel itinerary. There are many places to visit in the state and if you don’t have much time on your hands, a great idea would be to search the web for information on the top tourist places in the state. When you get a list, it will be easy for you to deduce from it the places you want on your list depending on your mood and budget.

3. Once you have pinpointed the places you want to visit, the next step would be to call up your travel agent. If you don’t have one, the internet can help you. There are many travel companies in India who will help you plan your holiday. Not only will you be able to book hotel accommodation and airplane or train rickets from them, you will also have access to Kerala holidays packages. The great thing about these online travel companies is that they will offer you great deals most of the time.

4. Once you have found a travel company you can trust, the next step will be to actually book tickets and accommodation for your trip to Kerala. Now this is not a big deal at all even if you have never done it before. You can either use your debit or credit card to book tickets and accommodation on most websites.

5. That’s it! You have planned your trip.

With the internet, it is so easy to make holiday plans right at home. It is definitely fun sitting in front of your computer and making holiday plans with the whole family.


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