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Refashion Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must have accessory for every Summer season not only for protecting your eyes but also as a complementary touch to your overall look. However it is not always possible to have the best one to suit your clothes as they are not cheap accesories. So the solution is in your crafty hands. You can refashion your sunglasses in ridiculously easy ways such as painting dots with nail polish or gluing some rhinestones. DIYs are so easy that you can even do them by getting inspired by the photos. You don’t really need a step by step tutorial but we still include them under each picture. Brave the heat with your unique and trendy sunglasses!

diy-sunglasses05Tutorial: honestlywtf

diy-sunglasses07Tutorial: muguettt

diy-sunglasses04Tutorial: littlebirdytoldmeblog

diy-sunglasses06Tutorial: byhandlondon

diy-sunglasses03Tutorial: trinketsinbloom

diy-sunglasses01Tutorial: dreamalittlebigger

diy-sunglasses02Tutorial: bywilma

diy-sunglasses08Tutorial: whatiwore

diy-sunglasses09Tutorial: whimseybox


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