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Quilting Craft Ideas That Every Beginners Will Surely Enjoy

Sewing should not be hard. But the problem is most beginners want to compare themselves to pros who have been in the industry for a long time. Sewing takes time and hence it will require you to be patient. Whether you have been desiring to make a quilt for yourself or a friend and do not know where to start, visit QuiltersReview.com for all your sewing queries. If you have a flair for quilting and are wondering how to get started here are some ideas that may help you out.

1. Mug Rug
Quilting mug rugs is so easy. Sew in a sunflower shape to make it unique. But remember to use a darker color in the middle part so as to conceal stains. To sew it, you need the main fabric, an accent fabric, batting cut and binding fabric their sizes will depend on your preference.

2. Cable Knit Lampshade
Start your sewing project with this simple task. It is an excellent way to decorate your living room. Besides, it will not take long to sew. If you have an old sweater that you are not using, you can quilt with that.

3. Baby Headbands
Of course you would want to make something for your baby girl. These cute headbands are a perfect quilt for your boho babe. All you need is an old t-shirt and sewing supplies.

4. Flannel Scarves
Don’t waste your money purchasing a scarf while you can sew this lovely scarf on your own. Made with flannel shirt, this scarf is the simplest DIY project you can work on.

5. Pencil Pouch
Gift your kid with a pencil pouch. It is easy to make hence you can make them every time they get worn out. Making it requires a small amount of fabric, coordinating thread a zipper and jewelry pliers.

6. Seat Cushions
Keep your seats classy with simple cushions. They are a bit challenging but worth it. You can use different colors when sewing to brighten your seats. You need to have enough fabric as they tend to take much material, pins, and iron when making them.

7. Credit Card Wallet
Keep your credit cards safe and secure by sewing a wallet for them. What’s more is that you can tuck the wallet in your back pocket while running errands. Start by cutting out the outer and inner pieces and pockets so that it is easy to sew.

8. Reversible Tote bag
A tote bag is a great project to begin with. Be creative when making it so that it stands out. It will be a great feeling knowing that you are carrying your self-made bag. Begin by cutting and pressing out the fabric then fold it and top stitch down each side of the strap close to the edge, on both sides of the bag.

9. Tissue Holder with a Button
It looks quite hard to make, but it is so simple. You need to bring a tissue paper with you always. If you love being organized and hygienic, this holder is a great way to achieve that. With 2 pieces of coordinating fabrics and a button you are good to go.

10. Sewing Organizer
Any sewer needs to arrange their sewing tools. For beginners, you probably do not have a place you can store yours. Gift yourself with this clutch as it will help you to keep your tools organized. Remember to quilt the fabric patterns with similar patterns into small pockets to complete.

One of the classic sayings about sewing is “a stitch in time saves nine.”well, this is very true. For you to be a great quilter, you need to be patient. Put your quilting skills into the test by trying any of the above projects. But remember to start small and move your way up to the challenging ones.

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