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Pros of walk in tubs

Walk-in-tubs are considered ideal for seniors or anyone with mobility challenges, as they offer bathing at ease. A walk-in-bathtub comes with several health and therapeutic benefits along with added safety and comfort. For every individual who strived to get into and out of the tub, cringed the slippery shower floor and unruly glass door, a walk-in-tub is waiting.

Installing a walk-in-tub in your senior’s bathroom can give them following benefits:

Avoids the danger of fall and Slips

Many tubs offer features like grab bars and anti-slip floors that help avoid incidents in the bathrooms when your loved ones are in there without any assistance. According to Center for Disease Control, most of the falls occur in bathroom and every 18 seconds, a senior is treated for slip and fall. Having a proper bath in walk-in-tubs is as easy as sitting on a comfortable chair after opening the door, and this leaves no chances for any incident to occur.

Heals Heart Health

There are many people out there who are willing to improve their heart health, but they can’t exercise. However, a bath in warm water can provide benefits equivalent to cardio exercise. It is proven that soaking in warm water lowers blood pressure and increases heart rate. A walk-in-tub provides comfort to the bather to a great extent and prevents their heart from strain.

Hydrotherapy from the ease of Home

You may not know that many sports persons soak in tubs after a big game to get relieved from aches and pains. Similarly, seniors are instructed to swim to get benefitted by hydrotherapy. Water is used to cure pain since ages and it’s a proven concept that hydrotherapy can ease away aches.

Many walk-in-tubs are configured with whirlpool jets and therapeutic air; this system can provide advance hydrotherapy by combining heat, massage and buoyancy in order to treat pains. Most of the times, seniors are struggling with the symptoms linked with arthritis and blood circulation and hydrotherapy helps them to recover by stimulating the release of naturally found endorphins – natural painkillers present in the body.


Walk-in-tubs help people with mobility challenges to take care of their hygiene independently. As experts say, a thorough and regular bath can reduce many health problems. Many walk-in-tubs feature a bidet to keep those hard to reach places clean.

A walk-in-tub can improve the quality of your life and your loving senior by helping to keep up with hygiene and regular bathing. All you need is to choose one that goes best with your needs in terms of construction, price and other unique features. There are a number of walk-in tubs out there, make sure to pick the right one so you can enjoy all the benefits.


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